31 October 2017

Top Guns: Tai'Al launcher


Tai'al is in demand among mercenaries escorting transports in fringe sectors. Simplicity of aim gives recon ships the ability to control the distance of the battle and land the final blow in the dispute over the cargo.

Tai'al was developed by Ellydium shortly after the corporation built its foundations on Leviathan. During the creation of a trial batch Ellydium used materials obtained after the first Alien attack. For further mass production Ellydium used analogs obtained in a less remarkable way.

The gun is equipped with two coupled missiles with increased power and a homing system. One of the requirements of the technical task was increased power of the warhead. In this regard, the designers had to reduce the space under the cooling system. This was a forced measure, which allowed to increase the effective capacity of shells.

All these features make Tai'al the most effective at medium distance against small and standard size targets.It can also be useful if you need to avoid close combat.

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