Daily holiday Tournaments19 December 2017

The infamous pirate Baron Rosso from the system Vega reminds you that during the holidays, and until January 19 tournaments will take place every day.

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Ship components in post-battle trophy search18 December 2017

UMC intelligence intercepted information about rare ship components in conflict zones.

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Weekly Caches!18 December 2017

The UMC announces the start of production of the new caches! Get them in trophy search after battles from anywhere.

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Weekend with Star Conflict!15 December 2017

Pilots, weekend begins! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories! +40% on Galactic standards purchase! Bonuses to synergy!

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Developer blog has been updated14 December 2017

In the new year in Star Conflict you will see new adventures, new assignments and, of course, new ships. Some of them are discussed in more detail in this issue of the developer's blog.

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Star Conflict Knowledge Test13 December 2017

Mercenaries, new test to check your Star Conflict knowledge. Check what do you know about the game.

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Deal of the Day! 50% off Stingray ship components13 December 2017

Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends at 05-00 UTC on December 14!

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Awakening. Part III. Illusions12 December 2017

Alex was holding Wilhelm Tate's wrist. Memories of their battle with the security chief were still fresh. He shot him once, just like the others. But unlike others, Tate refused to fall.

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Get Stingray ship components in trophy search!11 December 2017

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on December 18!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!8 December 2017

Pilots, time to prepare the fleet for new victories and build the destroyer of your dreams! Bonuses for credits! 50% off Elite destroyer parts!

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