3 Juli 2020

Testing balance changes

Pilots! The UMC launches a special test version of the game with balance tweaks proposed by the players. This version of the game will be available to everyone on a separate test server.

Public test server

Testing will be held on the Star Conflict public test server.

The public test server is a game space independent of the live server where updates are uploaded for mass testing.


Mass test schedule:

The public test server will run for a limited time. The server is intended only to test an update that is being prepared for release.

  • Friday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK
  • Saturday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK
  • Sunday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK




  • Reduced respawn time by 5 seconds


Empire Destroyers

  • Missile bay reloading time reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.


Destroyers Vigilant, Brave, Invincible

  • Weapon damage bonus increased from 7 to 15%


Long Range Jericho Frigates

  • Shield durability increased by 20%


Weapons and missiles

Mass Driver

  • Damage increased by 15%.


“Dazzler” railgun

  • Duration of debuff to reloading time reduced from 7 to 3 seconds.


Echo cannon

  • Projectile speed increased by 20%.
  • Damage increased by 10%.


Plasma burster

  • Range reduced from 5300 m to 4800 m.


G'Thar'Du Cannon

  • Rate of fire increased to 35 rounds per minute.
  • Projectile speed increased from 2000 to 2500 m/sec.


Thermoactive weapon

  • Range increased from 4050 m to 4300 m.


Drone operator “RepK-2”

  • Repair kits are pulled in by allies located 400 m away from them.


Kinetic Supercharger

  • Cloud size increased


Special modules and implants

Emergency landing

  • Undocking restores 5000 hull over 3 seconds


Green mist

  • Reloading time increased from 12 to 15 seconds.


Spatial stabilizer

  • Damage bonus increased to 55%
  • Range bonus increased to 10%.



  • Now, when warping is blocked, the module cannot be activated.


Implant 8-2

  • Now has a cooldown of 12 seconds


Active modules

EM Scattering Field

  • Cooldown and active time reduced by 30%.


Swarm control

  • Reduced damage bonus when activated from 150% (17 Mk.4) to 100%.


Hammerhead Battle Station

  • Station durability increased by 20000/30000/40000 depending on the station's level
  • Missile speed increased


Devastator beam

  • Damage accumulation reduced by 10%
  • Cloud size increased by 10%


Repelling Beam

  • The module now belongs to the group “universal modules”
  • Increased recharge time to 25 seconds


Radiation converter

  • Reduced the efficiency of shield recovery from damage



Ally recharge 8/17

  • Increased module efficiency


Combat control

  • Projectile flight speed increased to 4000 m/sec.


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Star Conflict Team


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