A massive online universe

Explore distant planets and battle with millions of other players

Over a hundred different spacecraft

Fast interceptors, powerful destroyers and huge juggernauts

Explore the vastness of space

Discover the secrets of nebulae, star systems and black holes

Exciting PvP battles

Fight in the middle of asteroid fields, near abandonded stations and over planet surfaces

Long story campaign

Level up by traveling across the entire Galaxy and completing special missions
Windows only
PvP battles, PvE missions and quests

The war with the aliens brought chaos to the developed worlds. The Galaxy is divided by the remnants of star empires, independent factions and corporations. You have a huge arsenal of spaceships of various classes as well as hundreds of extra modules and weapons for them.

Full ship customisation

You can rush forward into battle, strike from distance or flank the enemy. The choice is yours! Level up your skills, upgrade your equipment, choose the right implants and learn how to play better either all by yourself or with friends.

More than a hundred spaceships of various classes
AJF-33 Desert Eagle

AJF-33 «Desert Eagle»

Destroyer Brave

Empire destroyer «Brave»

Interceptor Nightingale

Interceptor Nightingale

Windows only

Last Step: Download and Install Game Client 4,6 GB (PC)


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