1. What engine is Star Conflict developed on?

The project is developed by the Russian studio Star Gem Inc. on its own engine ‘Hammer Engine’.


2. Is this a browser-based game or a client application? Is it available on Mac and Linux?

It's a game with a client application. Yes, versions for both Mac and Linux exist.


3. What is the game’s payment model?

Star Conflict is a Free-2-Play MMO.


4. Which genre is the game?

It is mainly an MMO Action, where the player controls a single ship.


5. Which playerbase is Star Conflict’s focus: casuals? hardcore gamers?

We believe that the game is interesting to a wide audience. There is a balance between deep combat gameplay and accessibility, as well as appeal to ordinary players. There is something to think about on ship configuration, and on flight maneuvers.


6. How extensive is the game world?

In the game there is an open world, a system of  sectors connected with gates, as well as a system of instances that the player enters for battles and leaves after combat.


7. How many game modes does the game have?

The game has 3 basic modes: PvP, where players can try their hand in battles with other pilots, PvE-missions where a team of players competes tasks, fighting AI-controlled ships and Open world where players can do whatever they want. There’s also ‘Custom battle’, where the player can tweak PvP and PvE modes.


8. How different is the game for players who buy or do not buy a premium license or otherwise spend real money in the game?

For users who prefer not to use micro-transactions it will take more time to progress, but it won’t prevent them from experiencing everything the game has to offer and fight on equal terms with those who invest money in the game.


9. Is it possible to trade with other players?

At the moment, trading between players is not planned.


10. How do pilots progress?

You start as a regular mercenary. But there are lots of pilots just like you, and breaking into the elite will not be easy. Buying the most expensive ship is not going to cut it — you have to choose a ship of a fitting role and equip it to suit you. You need performing fractions' tasks so that you could buy improvements for your modules. And, of course, numerous battles will allow you to hone your skills, allowing to defeat even more well-equipped opponents.


11. Which sides of conflict are presented in the game?

The game has 3 sides of conflict: Empire, Federation and Jericho. Each side is divided into two factions, so the game has 6 factions in total. All of them are descendants of humankind, separated by various conflicts.


12. How can I control the ships? Keyboard + mouse, joystick, gamepad?

Keyboard + mouse. Also gamepads that support Direct Input (dinput).


13. What classes of ships are presented in the game?

The game has three ship classes: light and swift interceptors, powerful fighters and well protected frigates. Each class has several roles — they can be fitted with various modules suitable for these specific roles: recon, electronic warfare, offence, etc... In addition, each role has a unique module providing special opportunities that can’t be replicated with other modules — to help players decide what course of action they want to take on the battlefield.
Also there is a special class of ships - Destroyers. This is a heavy battleship that has high survivability and threatening fire power, energy shields and special weapons slots. Destroyers should be manufactured.


14. Is it possible to look inside a spaceship?

No, due to ship controls characteristics view from the cockpit will not allow to fully realize the potential of the ship. Therefore, the game uses third-person view.


15. Is it possible to create clans? Can corporation leaders form alliances?

Yes, players can join communities called corporations. We are thinking about corporate alliances.


16. Are there battles for territory?

Yes, we have fights for sectors of the Open World in the form of dreadnought battles available to corporations that build and equip a dreadnought.


17. Is there loot in the game? If so, how is it distributed among the players of one team?

Yes, each player of the victorious side in PvP or PvE is provided several opportunities to find useful items from credits to module upgrade kits. You can also get loot in open world by collecting resources scattered across locations and killing opponents. Loot is given to the pilot who picks it up.


18. Is it possible to manage an entire squadron? Or fly in your own frigate or dreadnought  not in a clan?

You can’t control several ships simultaneously. Frigates are available to all players as one of the ship classes. But dreadnoughts are reserved only for corporations.


19. Do players have to give orders to the crew or just pilot spaceships on their own?

You alone control the whole ship. Just how successful it turns out depends on how you develop your skills.


20. Are there ships operated by the AI?

Yes, in PvE, Open World, and PvP battles of the lower level. You can add AI ships to custom battles.


21. Is space in the game — ‘liquid vacuum’?

The game has ‘Newtonian’ laws of physics, but we are trying to tune controls and behaviour of ships so that players can focus directly on the battle, rather than managing the ship. At the moment, every ship has engines used to compensate for inertial motion and rotation of the ship (although it is not rendered). We are experimenting with an option to disable this for advanced players, but to be honest, in active combat with a variety of players, the charm of ‘real’ space physics is not as obvious as in a single-player game.


22. Is there collision damage?

Yes, there is. It depends on the speed and angle of collision.


23. Are you going to introduce battles close to planet surface or inside huge stations?

At the moment, we only have battles in orbit or in deep space. Battles inside giant stations are planned. In addition, we are thinking about battles close to planet surface and even inside their atmosphere.


24. Are there going to be space stations or huge city-ships?

Yes, at this point in the game there are 3 huge space stations that you can dock to, one for each side of conflict. Various locations also have lots of smaller stations.


25. Does the game have aliens or alien technology?

Yes, the game’s storyline and many locations are based on the legacy of an ancient civilization, as well as the current war with aliens, that is ongoing in locations of the Open World.


26. Is there a speed limit in the game?

Each ship has different speed characteristics depending on its configuration and its pilot’s implant configuration, but there is an overall hard speed limit at 700 m/s.


27. Is the difference in ship sizes significant? Do lighter ships differ much from frigates?

The smallest and largest ships differ noticeably in size.


28. Is it possible to sell ships?

Yes, you can sell any ships except DLC and Premium, but it’s far better to keep them, since pilots get ‘Fleet strength’ for elite ships.


29. Is there any kind of punishment for desertion from the battlefield?

Yes, a deserter does not receive rewards for battles he abandons.


30. Is this game available on Steam?

Yes, in the Free to Play games section — http://steamcommunity.com/app/212070.


31. Does it have trading cards?

Yes, it does. Assembling a collection of these cards can get you different icons, emoticons and backgrounds for your profile on Steam!


32. Are there any discounts in the game?

Yes, we often organize all sorts of events, including sales.


33. How are pilots divided into teams for battles?

Each pilot is assigned a rating, depending on the level of his ships and success in battle. Battles are designed in such a way that the top players in both teams are approximately equal.


34. What types of weapons are present in the game?

The game has lots of different weapons with various mechanics: several types of kinetic, beam and energy weapons, as well as many different types of missiles and many other ways to ruin the life of your opponent.


35. DLC in store grants bonuses to loyalty gain. What happens to the bonus if you buy several DLC packages?

Bonuses to loyalty and credits from various packs are added.

Note: If a player buys 2 identical DLC on Steam and gaijin.online, the bonuses are not cumulative.


36. What is the difference between conventional and premium ships?

Premium ships:

  • Have the maximum level of synergy from the start and thus get x2 synergy in combat, like all ships with maxed synergy.
  • Generate 20% free synergy instead of 5% like other ships.
  • Do not require repairs.
  • Earn 20% more credits in PvP and PvE battles.
  • Have increased cargo hold for flights in attacked sectors.


37. Is there a division between European, American and other servers?

The game was conceived to let players from all over the globe fight the same battles. At the same time, each player can choose the preferred regional server and only play there.


38. Can we see developers in the game?

Yes, developers can sometimes be found in various battles. If you can take down a developer or help him in battle (depending on the team) — you get a special medal!


39. Are there quests in the game?

Yes, each side of conflict has a chain of training missions. Open world also has various repeatable missions where the players have to fight pirates, aliens, collect resources and more.


40. Can you craft in this game?

Yes, players can craft special ammunition, modules and even entire ships. Also, using crafting you can modify some modules up to the highest Mk5 modification.


41. What is the format of PvE-missions in the game?

The game has normal PvE-missions for 4 players, consisting of 3 stages where pilots have to defend, capture and destroy. There also is a raid for 12 people, where players have to destroy a giant alien ship.


42. What types of player groups are there?

There are two types of groups: squad and wing. A squad is a group of up to 4 pilots, that can launch into any battle mode. A wing is a group of up to 8 or 12 people, that can launch into Attacked Sectors, PvE-special operation, participate in the weekly tournament, and sector capture.


43. Does the game have friendly fire?

In Arcade mode shooting an ally is impossible, but it is enabled in dreadnought battles and can be toggled in custom battles.


44. Is there a certain pilot progression tree?

In this game you can choose implants: at each level the player can choose 1 of 3 implants, which also allows you to customize the ship for your needs. Implants only work for ships matching their rank or higher, so players with top implants will not have disproportionate advantages compared to rookies at lower levels.


45. Is it possible to kill pilots in Open world?

Yes, but only outside the safe zones, or if both players have disabled ‘Station protection’. A player who recently committed an act of aggression against another player, is marked in red.


46. How many accounts can I use with one computer?

Only three.

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