Star Conflict Heroes is a mobile action RPG set in the universe of the online action game Star Conflict. Explore the vast cosmic expanses as you assume command of a spaceship fleet right from your phone screen.

A war with aliens has thrown the settled worlds into chaos and disorder. The galaxy has grown divided between the remains of star empires, independent mercenary groups, and corporations. Your objective is to bring peace to this hostile and militant universe.

Assemble and upgrade an entire spaceship squadron, explore distant stars and planets, fight against aliens and space pirates, and compete against other players for domination in the galaxy.

Employ the best possible tactics, experiment with spaceship types, try out different game modes, perfect your strategy, fight against other players online, or complete the story campaign solo.

Star Conflict Heroes is regularly updated and it offers new gameplay opportunities.

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Key Features
  • Each player's fleet is unique
    You battle with a four-ship squadron of your choice. The game has over 100 models of spaceships and hundreds of upgrade modules, which allows for an amazing number of possible combinations.

  • Each battle is different from the previous one
    Use the unique abilities of the combat spaceships and come up with new tactics for each battle based on what the opponent has deployed against you.

  • Spectacular 3D graphics
    Breathtaking locations in space and exciting star battles will push your smartphone's hardware to its extreme limit.

  • Online battles against other players
    Compete in the Arena against other players in PvP battles, increase your ranking, and earn rewards.

  • Clans and clan conflicts
    Team up with your friends, compete against other clans, and take part in top PvP wars.

  • Immersive campaign
    Explore the deepest reaches of the galaxy, uncover the secrets of aliens, study their technologies, and save humanity from an impending catastrophe.

  • Battles against aliens and pirates
    Conquer space colonies and settlements from the oppression of ruthless pirates and protect the Galaxy from the alien invasion.

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Star Conflict Heroes is a mobile action RPG set in the universe of the online action game Star Conflict.
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