Note 8 - New camera settings

Hello to all players of Star Conflict!

In today's article we will try to tell you about the new game camera. The following questions frequently come up during various discussions: "Why did you do that?", "What were you thinking?", "What's going to happen to the camera now?"
We will try to answer these questions, and those who want to get the gist of it should just scroll through the article to the “Summary” line — there you will find all the short answers on this topic.

In the camera's previous incarantion, the game looked more like an RTS, rather than Action. See for yourself:

The ship was miles away and the sense of speed was not conducted in the best way possible. And in terms of gameplay the ships were too similar: if you sit behind the wheel of a motorcycle, and then get inside a heavy truck, controls and dynamics will be much different. This is what we would like to achieve in our game. We wanted the frigate to be perceived not as a larger version of the interceptor, but as a really big and impressive ship. New settings more clearly convey a sense of speed for ships of small tonnage and a feeling of smoothness and calmness - for the big ones, at the same time focusing on the visual differences.

In addition, the player could not clearly see those stickers that they picked for their ships, that are meant to differentiate the pilot from the other players. In fact, the ships at that time were just faceless machines that nullified any customization. Ship shape, colouring ... all that we have been working on for so long - was almost invisible.

But not all the players enjoyed our innovation: frigate pilots began to notice that some of the ships were visually “cut”. In addition, the reduced camera angles made frigates much more vulnerable. Therefore, we have decided to adjust the settings. The results can be seen in the screenshots below:

Prior to May 30:

After May 30:

A brief summary:

Why has the view changed?
Ships of different classes differ significantly from each other in size and feel of controls, but the camera as it was almost nullified the differences.

What are the aims pursued by the developers making these changes?
New settings more clearly convey a sense of speed for ships of small tonnage and a feeling of smoothness and calmness - for the big ones.

What will happen with the camera now?
We have listened carefully to members on the subject and agree that in its current state, the camera needs some work when it comes to frigates.


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