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Summer's Gambit (Part 3)

A figure in a pressurized suit is leaning over Henry. The smuggler found himself lying on a medical gurney. The man above him was fiddling with the straps on Henry’s left hand, but his right hand was still free. There was no time for reflection: the gradually returning sense of hearing was disturbed by the roar of sirens.

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Summer's Gambit (Part 2)

It was about five... yes, five years ago. Back then I was still in UMC, taking part in beacon hunt. Federation scientists were moving their equipment to Troy. Imperial command decided that it was probably some kind of weapon prohibited by the Trilateral Pact. We were hired to provide navigation, the other guys were there to stop us.

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Summer's Gambit (Part 1)

Looking through the windshield Henry Twenty-One watched the Universe die. If someone else stood beside him, that someone would have probably  said to him: ‘Forget this nonsense, the Universe is fine’. Indeed, judging by the view from the cockpit, it was impossible to say that something was wrong.

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Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’

Ellydium investigation results

Investigation of Ellydium corporation has not yielded any results. The corporation has a long history, but it only joined the ‘big stage’ after the signing of the quarantine zones memorandum.

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