Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories!

22 June 2018

Until July 5, you can purchase DLC at a 50% discount! Unique bonuses and ships are waiting for you today, hurry!

21 June 2018

Attention, pilots! On July 5, the UMC will finish handing out assignments for the parts of the Executor ship!

21 June 2018

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on June 21!

20 June 2018

Before the war this sector had one of the imperial scientific laboratories, deployed to study the planets. The object had virtually no protection, so the staff escaped during the invasion. The buildings were destroyed by aliens, who also destroyed all living things in the zone.

19 June 2018

The Council of Families rarely exhibits anger, but if you fall into disgrace, be prepared to see one of the executioners on your radars, and they will carry out the sentence. For people like these, progressive Jericho minds designed the ship Executor.

18 June 2018

Discount on Premium license for 30 and 90 days! Bonuses to synergy!

15 June 2018

An important update has been uploaded to game servers.

15 June 2018

The UMC presents the latest long-range rank 17 frigate developed by Jericho to all mercenaries. Together with the ship all pilots will also get new weapons and active modules.

14 June 2018

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on June 14!

13 June 2018


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