50% off Spatial Scanner and Extended Hull! Credits bonus!

25 May 2018

Today we will continue to inform you about the latest faction prototypes — ships of the highest ranks.

24 May 2018

Only for one day, May 23, they offer all pilots a 50% discount on Stingray ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

23 May 2018

Enterprising pilots organized a refueling and distribution station at the Felony border. Their services are needed by everyone, which means that nobody touches them even in this dangerous space. But the bandits who came from the Republic of Separate Worlds, erected several outposts on the border. They are obviously trying to take the system under their control.

22 May 2018

Now all the blueprints needed to create unique parts for the new ships of ranks 16 and 17 are available for trade between players.

21 May 2018

Pilots, weekend begins! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories! Discount on Premium license for 30 and 90 days! Bonuses to synergy!

18 May 2018

Pilots, the UMC is reporting suspicious raider activity in the zone ‘Monolith Ruins’ in the Antares system. 

18 May 2018

We prepared new wallpapers and artwork based on the big Star Conflict update 1.5.2 ‘Journey’. New high-rank ships, new heroes, battles and beautiful panoramas of new Star Conflict locations are ready to decorate your desktop! 

17 May 2018

Only today 50% off Nightingale ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

16 May 2018

This is the sector where one of the most famous shipyards of the corporation ‘Blackwood’ is located. Known for the fact that Ariadne AI was developed here, which brought its creators to a new level on the global market.

15 May 2018


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