Note 9 - Hidden ship bonus parameters


In our game there are various bonuses for our ships, however not all of them are visable at the moment.

With this thread we want to explain you the not visable bonuses:


At first:

All ships receive additional bonuses on parameters depending on their role.


Interceptor: Recon

Recon Interceptors have a larger sensor range and the speed for capturing beacons/bombs is increased. In addition they have +15% increased critical hit chance.


Interceptor: ECM

ECM Interceptors have +10% hull and shield strenght.



Interceptor: Covert Ops

Covert Ops Interceptors have +15% increased critical hit damage.



Attack Ship: Tackler

Tackler ships have 20% reduced afterburner energy consumption.



Attack Ship: Command

Command ships have +15% base speed and energy regeneration.



Attack Ship: Gunship

Gunships have -10 units resistances to all types of damage, but as compensation damage is increased by +5%.



Frigate: Engineering

Engineers have +10% flight speed, but they only have 4 turrets.



Frigate: Guard

Guard Frigates have a lot more shield and hull strength, but for that they have -5% flight speed. They have only 4 turrets.



Frigate: Long Range

Long Range Frigates have -20% shield and hull strength, but they have 6 turrets.




In addition to the role bonuses, there are also individual bonuses for ships. In order to have a closer look we prepared the following list:

Hercules 2 +10% Flight Speed
Prometheus -23% Afterburner energy consumption
Prometheus 2 +10% Flight Speed
Neuron +10% Flight speed
Katana type S +10% Flight speed
Lance type S +20% Turn rate
Dagger +30% Rotation speed
Arigato AE -23% Afterburner energy consumption
Alligator-M +30% Rotation speed
Honor +30% Rotation speed
Crus type Q +20% Energy regeneration
Kris type S +20% Energy regeneration
Hawk-M +20% Energy regeneration
Eagle-B +10% Flight Speed
Dvergr +100% Sensor range
Dvergr 2 25% Turn rate
Nibelung +20% Energy regeneration
King Nibelung -23% Afterburner energy consumption
Hawk +100% Sensor range
Hawk-Eye +20% Turn rate
Iron Harpy +25% Turn rate
Acid Hydra +35% Energy
Atlas +20% Energy regeneration
Priest Bartle +30% Energy
Ira Deus +30% Rotation and strafe speed

These bonuses are added to the role bonuses if they are the same.


And third:

All dead-end branch ships have +5% movement speed, which can also add up with role- and individual bonuses.


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