Note 12 - Sector Conquest

Today's entry is dedicated to sector conquest — each pilot can enter this type of battle and prove that his faction is the strongest!
But how can the pilots do that? Should they be alone, in a squad or perhaps even in a corporation to participate? Answers to these and to other questions can be found below!


Let's start with the basic rules of sector conquest — every 12 hours there is a choice of three new sectors to attack, so that each side can defend and attack at the same time (although, depending on the territories, there can be exceptions). The winning side in sector conquest is the side that managed to gain or retain more than 50% of influence points by the end of the attack window.


How can you tell which side is winning in sector conquest? It's easy — if you move the cursor over the sector cell, you can see coloured influence points of the fighting corporations — green figures show the winners, red — the losers. Also, in this prompt you can see which of the main contenders are going to conquer (or retain) the sector when the attack window closes. It should be noted that in spite of the fact that any, even non-corporate pilots, can take part in sector defence, the sector will still be captured by the forces of the corporation that has taken the greatest part in the sector's capture or defence — in times of war it's much easier for corporations to maintain control of the sector after the battle!

Now let's look into the details:

  • How are the sectors selected that will be under attack next? The more borders the sector has with other sectors, the greater the chance that it's going to be attacked. Of course, there is a small element of surprise, but in most cases the sectors with the most borders are going to be attacked.
  • It should be noted that sectors close to the capital sector are more difficult to capture — their capture requires more effort and influence points as the attackers. The closer you come, the harder it gets to capture it.
  • The number of points awarded depends on the tech level of the participating ship. Tech level is always determined by the strongest ship in each pilot's combat slots. That means you can take two ships of the first tier and one of the fourth, but you are going to be logged as a pilot of the fourth tier, and thus earn more points of influence than pilots, who fly only tier one for example.


Many pilots are wondering who they are fighting against and who is on their side. Let's analyse this situation:

So, if the pilot is not in any corporation, and does not take off in a squad, he will earn points of influence for the faction, which he or she belongs to (i. e. the one that is displayed in the upper left corner in the hangar and in the sector conquest window).


If the pilot is a member of a corporation, the points of influence are depending on that corporation. In case that the pilot is loyal to a certain faction, and the corporation is loyal to another one, the pilot will earn points of influence for the corporation's faction. You can always check the corporation window to see its allegiance. In addition, the loyalty of your corporation can always be seen in the sector conquest window.


Also, if the pilot enters the battle in a squad, points of influence will count towards the faction supported by the squad's leader.

Thus, there is a definite “hierarchy of allegiance” that works like this (in ascending order from left to right):
Player faction - corporation allegiance - squad leader faction.

For example: A Jericho represents a Federal corporation are going into battle with an Imperial squad leader. Who will earn points of influence... correct, the Empire!

So at this point, this is how the sector conquest system works. Each corporation receives new sectors in battle, with their amount seen in the corporation ranking. We want to remind you, that this system is only the basic and it will be modified over time.
At the moment sector ownership brings only a bit of prestige among the players, but this is only the first step — soon corporations will be able to gain greater benefits from these battles!


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