Note 15 - Announcement of patch 0.9.0! Part 2 (Weapon)

We start our little story about the weapon upgrade of 0.9.0!

The first new weapon will be the Plasma Gun — this type of plasma weapon will have medium damage and range. However, in the right hands and on the right ship this weapon will be a very dangerous tool to destroy the enemy!

It is followed by Pulse Laser, designed for quick fights with opponents of equal power that do not require fire prediction.

Incredibly powerful, but rather slow Shrapnel Cannon helps pilots destroy the enemy at close range. However, when you try to fire at distant targets, the effectiveness of this weapon is much lower.

RF Blaster — a very dangerous weapon for clashes at close range with high rate of fire and damage. However, pilots of Covert Ops ships have to remember — the longer they are firing the blaster, the greater its spread will become! This weapon will complement the hit and run tactics.

The next weapon, an Assault Railgun, is a precision kinetic weapon for firing at medium range, but with below-average damage.

Moving on! The Singularity Cannon is a powerful weapon, delivering electromagnetic damage to all enemies caught within the effect field of the charge. Moreover, this weapon penetrates ships — so it can hit several ships located in a tight cluster!

Gauss Cannon. This type of kinetic weapon is ideal for focusing the team's attack. It has above-average range, high speed particles and high damage. However, its rate of fire is rather slow.

Ion Emitter is ideal for attacks on large vessels and has brand new impact mechanics — the longer you hold the beam on the target, the higher its damage!

This is followed by Beam Cannon — it's a laser weapon effective in all combat situations. Suitable for destruction of enemies at medium and close range.

Coil Mortar — a very effective kinetic weapon that has notable differences in its mechanics. The amount of damage it inflicts is the same regardless of the ship, but the rate will vary depending on the number of weapon turrets. Thus, its fastest (and most effective) variation can be found on long range frigates, and the slowest on interceptors. This type of weapon is great for damaging both groups of enemies, and the less mobile single targets.

In addition, ships can be equipped with destructive laser systems called Heavy Blasters — it keeps shooting more and more particles as you hold down the trigger. But do not forget about overheating!

Pilots also have access to Positron Cannons — plasma guns ideal for fire support as they cause serious EM damage, however, because of the long reloading time, it has a reduced rate of fire.

So, very soon you will find a noticeable change in the weapons system — 12 new weapons will replace the old ones. This change will make the game more diverse and further influence the balance of roles in the game! Well, now we are looking forward to the moment when the pilots will be able to try out new guns in action!


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