Note 16 from August, 14th


This Thursday, Star Conflict servers should see the next update, but what it will be? Today's blog article will tell you everything about it!

The first part of our blog is devoted to the changes in camera operations. As we've already mentioned earlier, we continue to work on this aspect of the game and the patch this week will present the camera's the next iteration! You will see that we have tuned the targeting mechanics (now the sight will move along an ellipse during targeting) and also added the option to tune the distance where the camera is located in battle. You can change this distance in the game settings. In addition, the problem has been corrected with PC mouse behaviour during fight — now the players should have no trouble with jerking or bad response while operating their ships.


Next, we would like to tell you about the changes among premium ships. Having analyzed the collected statistics, we decided that the level of generation of free synergy on premium ships should be increased to 20%. This is due to the fact that with a stronger synergy generation rate, players could opt out of further development of the ship branch, and just happen to be tied to a single vessel. In addition to changing the bonus, information about it will now be displayed in the tooltip of the ship.

In conclusion, we'll tell you about squads. As you know, there's a difficult situation with the balance of power between the players who come into battle alone and going into battle in a squad. Now, the situation is that the players who are in battle against squads find it extremely hard to beat the squads.
For many of our players this situation is a major problem and reduces their interest in the game. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the number of members in squads to three people. In the following patch this change will be enabled on the server. We understand that players who are used to fly in groups of four may be unhappy, but they should not forget the interests of the other pilots!

In addition to these three changes, players should expect all sorts of changes to weapon balance, and some modules, check tomorrow's patchnotes yourself!


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