Note 19 - Corporation logos


In today's article we would like to tell you about the upcoming update for corporations. In the near future we plan to introduce corporate logos, so all the corporations fighting for sectors and holding places in the corporate rating will now have a sign! This is the next step in the evolution of corporations in Star Conflict and we are pleased that our players will now be able to announce their victories this way too!

So, after installing this update, all corporations will see a default logo that can be replaced at will by a new one!

In the corporation menu you will see a new button, by pressing which you'll be able to choose a new emblem from a list!

Where will the pilots be able to see the logo of the corporation after the introduction of this feature in the game?

  • In corporation ranking

  • In corporation window

  • In sector conquest


That's right — now all captured sectors will be marked with an emblem of the corporation that holds that space. And of course, since it's content for corporations, a change of corporate logo will be cost Iridium!

As you can see, our pilots will soon get a new option for their corporations, and at the end of today's article we would like to announce something exciting: the leaders of all the interested corporations can send us their corporate badges so that we could introduce them into the game! Thus corporations will be able to choose not only the default icons, but also the unique ones! More detailed terms and conditions of this promotion can be found by clicking this link!

Star Conflict team.


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