Note 20 - Update 0.9.8

Good day, pilots!

As you may have guessed from a small break between our weekly updates, our next patch is going to be quite extensive. Of course, we would like to tell you about the gist of it! So here's what you should expect next Thursday:

  • Improved HUD;
  • Further implant improvements;
  • Introduction of module upgrades;
  • Further development of the trophy search system;
  • Further matchmaking balancing.

Many of these changes are interrelated, so we wanted to release them in one big update.


Let's start with the first part: improved HUD — in order to "lighten" the interface and improve the understanding of battle situations we have altered the HUD. We have revamped the graphic indicators to make them more informative. Moreover, there is now an indicator that's highlighted when afterburners are active. In addition, we have improved lead and target markers. Now they will be more noticeable.




Moreover, we have included a wider range of HUD set-up options so that our players can customize the HUD to fit their needs — you will be able to adjust the amount of information displayed in battle. In addition, you will be able to change the colour and shape of the target reticle.

Example of reticule, with indication of spread of plasma charges

Implants and upgrades

In addition to improving the HUD, we have also revised the implant system. Now all three new implants will be available to players when they reach a new rank, of course, our pilots will be able to install only one of those three. This change will allow our players more flexibility in choosing implants. In addition, the loyalty system has also been reworked — our players have noted that sometimes they had to wait too long to reach a certain level of loyalty only to access one particular weapon, moreover, should they switch Faction, they would have to start anew. This situation has not gone unnoticed, and in the nearest update we are going to present a new approach to loyalty — as a special type of currency. Now, in order to get a Mk.3 weapon you just have to accumulate a certain amount of loyalty points and then buy equipment that interests you.

In terms of the game world, it can be described this way: Now, instead of tracking your every contract, Factions will simply pay you in their currency, so that you can spend it on equipment supplied by them.

Please note: all the accumulated loyalty will be directly converted into new currency!

Improved progression is closely connected with the upgrade system — we are planning the introduction of the new game mechanic, equipment upgrades. Now all weapons and modules owned by the players can be improved.

Let us explain this system in more detail:

  • Mk. 1 can be upgraded to Mk. 2 by means of credits or upgrade kits;
  • Mk. 2 can be upgraded to Mk. 3 by means of loyalty or galactic standards;
  • Mk. 3 can be upgraded to Mk. 4 by means of upgrade kits or artifacts.

Thus, our players will be able to quickly get the most advanced modules, while freeing up space in their warehouse! You can see the upgrade scheme below:

It should be noted that as a result of changes, the decision was made to "shift" modules and weapons — former "Military" modules are now known as Mk.2. "Experimental" equipment is now called Mk.4.

Note: your "military" and "experimental" modules are not going to disappear! They will simply change their names to Mk. 2 and Mk. 4 respectively!

We understand that this change may distress some of our players, so we want to explain the process with existing equipment in advance:

  • All Mk. 1 modules and weapons will remain with the players;
  • All Mk. 2 modules and weapons will be replaced with newer versions. The existing "Military" modules will be renamed to Mk. 2;
  • All Mk. 3 modules and weapons will remain with the players;
  • All Mk. 4 modules and weapons will remain with the players.

Important: There will also be changes in premium equipment — all of your owned premium modules and weapons will be displayed as unique versions of Mk. 3 modules:

  • Module characteristics will not change;
  • The new modules will have a unique ability — increased synergy gain in battle;
  • The more of these modules are installed on the ship, the more synergy you get;
  • Attention! These modules can be improved to version Mk.4 and they will retain the synergy bonus;
  • Modules will remain with the players, as their combat characteristics are identical to Mk.3 and Mk.4 (if improved) versions, but they won't be available in the story any more.

Trophies and matchmaking

In connection with the information above, the trophy system is also going to change. Now instead of a module, players will be looking for upgrade kits — a Mk. 2 kit is automatically sent to the warehouse, and a Mk. 4 set can be disassembled into artifacts, if it does not suit you.

In addition, we have refined the matchmaking system and its interface — now you can clearly see the rank of the ship for which you are searching a battle in the "Contract search" window.
As you already know, some time ago we have reduced the number of pilots in squads. This was due to the fact that quite often there were situations when the four pilot squads decided the whole battle's balance. We have carefully examined the possible solutions to this problem and have made some adjustments to our opponent selection system. These changes allow us to revisit the possibility of four-player squads! It should be noted that the new settings mean that the larger and stronger the link is, the stronger opponents will be found.

At this point we would like to finish today's article. Follow our blog, soon you will see new and exciting announcements!

Star Conflict team.


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