Note 22 - Hidden shipyard raid and update 0.9.10


In today's entry we would like to tell you about the upcoming update 0.9.10! In this update, our pilots will start a new PvE scenario where mercenaries have to perform “Monolith” corporation's contract to capture a shipyard where a “Maelstrom” class dreadnought is being re-equipped! The mission will consist of three parts, where the pilots will have to fight with a lot of enemies (no one wants to give a dreadnought away easily!). This mission is designed for ships of the second and third technological levels and has a fairly high difficulty level. Therefore, we recommend all our pilots to thoroughly prepare for this scenario!

Follow the developments in the upcoming IIN issues!

After Update #2, many of our pilots noted that cartridge reloading after death causes some discomfort. In an update this week, this situation will be corrected — now, after the destruction of the ship, the pilots will stay with the same number of missiles they had until their death.

Let us look at an example: If your ship had 12 missiles, you shot 4 of them at an enemy, and then the ship was destroyed, you would continue the battle with 8 missiles, instead of waiting for a full reload.

Additionally, the update will include various ship-owner achievements, bug fixes and minor balance changes. This concludes today's entry, stay tuned for new entries!

Star Conflict Team


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