New Year's eve entry in Devblog from 23, December


In today's New Year's eve entry, we would like to tell you about what you should expect in the newest update! This update came out really huge, so instead of the usual Thursday, we moved it to today. What is it going to contain?

It's going to be a lot of festive fun!

Let's start with the fact that on New Year's eve, all our pilots will be able to feel the atmosphere of this winter holiday thanks to Christmas decorations in hangars and celebratory beacons on the battlegrounds! However, this is not all of what we have prepared for our pilots this year!

In addition, you will see a chain of 9 christmas assignments, revealing the secret of the mysterious disappearance of Nicolas Clauss, the founder of the corporation “Klauss Inc”! (you can read about these events in the INN news release!)


Moreover, in addition to these tasks, “Klauss Inc.“ will provide all mercenaries with an opportunity to personally test the latest weapon prototypes and even get the achievement “Cold-blooded”! (details about the weapons and missions can be found in the news)

Along with these great new products you can expect just as vivid and festive missiles to paint the space in New Year's colours!


But that's not all! Along with the update, three brand new premium ship with a unique look will be added to the game! Each ship will be a great addition to your hangar, you can learn more about them right here!


So, the first ship, “Razor ”, one of the most complex and interesting Jericho prototypes, is now available to our pilots! Application of artifact technology allows the ship to achieve outstanding performance, however, given the complexity of the production, this ship is available only to a limited number of pilots!




Building the “Razor” prototype gave Jericho designers significant amounts of important information, which allowed them to create a long-range T5 ship “Mauler” that fully justified its name in testing. The ship is now available to our pilots! Make your enemies tremble with the latest “Mauler”!




Empire tech designers know no rest, and now all the mercenaries have access to the newest T4 ship - Loki, which, just like the Norse god, allows its pilots gain superiority in battle! Rumor has it that the designer, who was involved in the development of this ship, drew inspiration from the prototype weapon used by the Emperor's Guard! With this ship, you will destroy allenemies in the name of the Emperor!



Of course, with all the holiday preparations, we have not forgotten about the battles! We continue to work to improve the “Sector conquest” mode. This mode allowed many corporation pilots to try their skills in ruthless battles for the sector and its locations and receive great rewards, however, there is a certain imbalance which we intend to fix. How? By means of economics! Now, the fewer locations one of the sides controls, the more significant its rewards become! Thus, capturing locations for the losing side will be not only be necessary, but also extremely profitable ! See for yourself: the losing side of conflict will receive much greater rewards! The number of all received credits and loyalty for victories in battle will be much higher!

Important: The sum of taxes coming from locations has not changed!

We have also modified the matchmaker settings for other modes!

In addition to these exciting changes, we also improved the main interface of the game to make it more comfortable - very soon you will be able to try it for yourself!

As you can see, this update will be really interesting, but that's not all! What else? At the end of the week we plan to publish another entry to our blog, or rather, video blog - where we plan to summarize and... tell you something very exciting! We, just like you, are eagerly waiting! In the meantime - a Happy New Year to you, Mercenaries!


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