Note 28 - Tactical Map improvement and New PvE mechanics

Greetings, pilots!

In today's entry we will tell you about two things that await you tomorrow!

First off, we have improved tactical map display in the game — now it displays objects better due to its ‘holographic’ look. Let's look at an example of this change on the ‘Threshold’ battleground:

As you can see, the map has become more convenient for tactical navigation — this should allow our pilots to quickly find different routes and tactics for the battle.

Next, we would like to tell you about the upcoming new PvE scenario ‘Operation “Scarlet Haze”’, that introduces new mechanics to Star Conflict — facility construction and will be availible from Tier 2, It looks like this:


Defences can be mounted on these special platforms, as you can see. If only one pilot is building the cannon, the process will take more time, that in case with the whole team working on one defence spot. When construction is finished it is followed by a charactersitic 'beep' sound.

You can see the scenario itself in this article. You can try out these changes in battle tomorrow!

That's all for today, thank you!


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