Note 30 - Updated Developement plan


Star Conflict developement process goes on - and that is why we would like to present this updated developement plan for our game! Take notice, that this document reflects only the major changes — in addition to implementing parts of the plan, we are constantly fixing bugs, introduce smaller improvements and tweak combat and economic balance. We also continue developing and assessing new and existing gaming opportunities.

Open Space!

Game release is approaching, but for now we are focused on the release of the new mode that we see as a PvP/PvE sandbox with separate maps and contracts. There, pilots will be able to fight each other and various pirates without time limits and in much larger locations. In addition, the purposes of being in this mode will be more diverse. And since Open Space will provide a wider variety of tasks, we are now improving the software component of the game to help you better navigate the world in this mode, and to improve the experience of playing together in it. It is very important that the regime has to be no less interesting than those already available, and soon, our pilots will also be able to try it!

Of course, in addition to the work on this area, we continue improving existing content. We'd like to list those aspects of the game, that we plan to start working on in the near future or are already working now:


  • New Mode ‘Team Death Match’


We are working on the long-awaited PvP mode Team Death Match — we are prepairing the interface and testing general mechanics. This means that the new mode will soon be open to our pilots! This mode we will also be used in all sorts of competitions and championships. We will also tune other modes for the same purposes.


  • Introduction of new achievements and modules


To extend the set of tactical decisions, as well as introduce more variety, we intend to introduce new modules that will be available for installation on all ships. In addition, the game will have new and exciting achievements that will be available after the Open Space launch!


  • Support for more input devices


Many of our players want to test ship controls not only through the mouse and keyboard, but also using other devices. We want to explore the possibility of implementing controls in such a way that the players using keyboard+mouse, joysticks and gamepads in one fight could battle on equal terms.


  • Expansion the game world's history


An important aspect of the game is its story, we plan to expand it and to enter new characters and events into the world of Star Conflict.


  • Improved contracts


We have already mentioned that we plan to improve the contracts system to make it more convenient and meet the new aspects of the game — as a result of these changes, it should become more flexible and accessible to our players.


  • Development of models and game modes for dreadnoughts


Dreadnought preparations are well underway and already close to the final stages. In the meantime, we suggest you look at the concept art of a Federation dreadnought:



We understand that the ability to communicate with developers and awareness about the progress and future direction of the project is very important for our players. Therefore, we will continue to talk to all of our players about the game's development and promote the development through our blog!

Star Conflict Team


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