Note 31 - New mode, TDM and updated Fan-kit


We would like to start today's blog entry with a short story about one of the aspects of the upcoming special mode. You waited for it — so here's some new info on the mode!

In this entry we want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: 'Is there going to be PvP in your new mode?' Well of course there is!


As you can see, all of our pilots can fight other players... but will it be possible everywhere? Not quite: all docking stations of this special mode are under control of the three sides of conflict and all kinds of agression are prohibited there. Criminals will bebrutally punished. Nontheless, further advance into the systems allows players to fight everyone!

Starting this week, we begin posting various updates, screenshots and videos regarding the apsects of this new mode! You will be able to read those on our social network pages as well as our forums. Next week, we are planning to talk more about travelling in this special mode!

Now, on to the next part of our blog. We are happy to inform you that we started working on a planned website content update! One of the first updated parts of the site is our 'Fan Kit' section — there you will find additional screenshots, battle sentences, music and fun forum avatars! You can take a look at the contents of this renewed fan-kit by following this link, or simply opening the website.

The third part of today's blog is about our new PvP-mode Team Death Match — we have adjusted our new map 'Iridium Strand' to fit this mode. Moreover, this mode now has its own, unique soundtrack, which you can find in our updated fan-kit as well. You can listen to this new track here!

Original Soundtrack for Team Death Match mode.

In conclusion of this entry we would like all of our players to take part in a little poll: Which of the PvP-maps do you like the most for T2/T3 battles and why?

As usual, we are waiting for your comments on our forum!

Star Conflict Team


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