Note 32 - Travelling in new mode, poll on joystick support and other news


In today's entry of our blog, we would like to tell you about the upcoming features of the game.

Итак, наSo, again we want to start with a brief description of the new mode! This week, as we mentioned in our previous blog, we'll tell you about the travel system in this mode:

“As you know, Precursor Sector is on the outskirts of known space: the forces on three sides of the conflict only found ancient structures and artifacts left over from its former owners, but other than that – nothing. Nevertheless, prominent scientists were able to explore and adapt technologies of the findings for use. So, the already known technology of gates, allowing to make ‘jumps’ over short distances, has been modified considerably, thanks to the knowledge gained. Now mercenaries can make jumps between locations using the constantly drifting space gates”

As is known, three sides of conflict—the Federation, the Empire, and Jericho fight for the Precursor Sector. Each of these parties control a certain amount of adjacent locations. Obviously, outside of these zones there are ‘free’ locations, where hardly anyone wants to intervene, if he has no good reason for it... or if he's not a pirate! However, because these areas have not yet been fully scouted by the fleets, they can hold rare resources and greater rewards than the known zones. What kind of resources and will the players be able to use them? Tune in for the next issue of our blog!

We turn to the second part! As you know, not so long ago we updated the ship Panther — we added a unique glow effect that distinguishes it from other ships.


Many pilots liked the improved look of this war machine and tomorrow we'll present a modified version of the ship Flamberge! Wait for the updates!

Next, we would like to tell our players about the in-work system we used in the tournament ‘Iridium Wars’, with the working title ‘Observer’ — the first version of the long-awaited spectator mode. Currently it is partially ready for use and we continue to improve its functionality and interface to add it later in the game! Below, you can watch a recording of one of the streamers, filming the final of the tournament.


So in conclusion, another important announcement. As our players may have noticed, we systematically follow the previously published development plan. One of the important parts is to support new input devices — joysticks and gamepads. At the moment, we have a test version ready to support these devices, which will be further developed in the future. But remembering how many players expressed their interest in the possibility of trying out joystick controls, we would like you to answer this question in the poll on our forum: Are you interested in testing experimental joystick and gamepad support? Your Feedback is very important — please leave your vote in the poll above, and as always, we welcome your comments!

Star Conflict Team


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