Note 33 - Crafting and New Map

Welcome, Mercenaries!

We would like to start today's entry by talking about item crafting system, which will be released simultaneously with the new mode.

As we have noted before, when travelling to different locations you can find all sorts of resources—and the further you go, the more unique these resources are going to be.


Of course, just gathering resources is not enough. You also need to get them to one of the stations, as those are the only places with all the necessary equipment for crafting items.

But how you can craft items? It's very simple:

  • Go to your armoury in the hangar
  • Refine collected materials into parts
  • Buy blueprints for the desired equipment
  • Create a new object using the blueprint and parts

With this system you can get totally unique ammunition and much more. Besides, who knows what can be found in the vast space — it is possible that ammo and modules are not the only things that can be created from the collected resources!

Moving on — we continue improving the game by opening new space for battles. We are working on a new map, with the working title ‘Precursor Generator’. It represents the ruins of a giant ancient Precursor structure:

‘Ruins in the area have long been mapped as one of the monuments of a dead civilization. Researchers have not been able to understand why the complex was created in the first place. The preserved structure is a ruined Precursor generator surrounded by a cloud of dust and machinery debris... Nevertheless, abandoned research probes have recently recorded a massive burst of energy coming from the centre of the station.

First, researchers saw an unusual picture: the ancient mechanism started working again — a plasma pillar escaped the reactor, and the internal mechanisms started gradually waking up from the long sleep. All sides of conflict immediately began to pull their forces to this sector to get to the reactor. Perhaps it is the key to gaining the upper hand.

In the commotion nobody noticed a faint signal coming from the boundary of the zone. Soon the signal was gone...’

This is the story of this awesome map! And of course, we remember about the great view that opens to all the mercenaries on this map.

Breathtaking, is not it? In the following blog entries we will tell you a little more about its basic principles and features! Stay tuned for updates.

So, we told you about our work in the near future, but that's not all — in the next updates you will find two brand new leaderboards!

Many corporate pilots noted the need to introduce intra-corporate PvP and PvE leaderboards — and right now we're testing both of those. They can be seen to be in the Corporation tab, in ‘Leaderboards’:

This concludes today's blog, as always, looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team


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