Note 34 - Pirates, New Map, Ratings and other news


In today's entry, we would like to start with an important problem called piracy. As we mentioned earlier, the three sides of conflict control only some of the locations near their strongholds. However, the further the brave pilots go, the more dangers they encounter along the way — and one of them (but not the most terrifying) is pirates.


These ruthless killers are not just hiding in remote locations, but are also huddling into pirate gangs and attacking anyone they do not like (needless to say they don't really like anyone). Besides attacks on pilots, pirates gather together to attack caravans, moving under protection of the military of one of the three sides.

Therefore, in addition to hunting mercenaries of other sides of conflict, your tasks will include the destruction of pirate forces, as well as convoy defence.

Moving on to the next part of our blog: as you may remember, in the previous entry of our blog we talked about the upcoming map titled ‘Precursor Generator’. We continue working on it and we'd like to share a few images of the new battleground.

The models are still ‘intact’, but since the map is supposed to be in ruins, later they will be ‘broken’ to show the destruction that took place in the long time of existence of this ancient structure. Besides working on the map, we have prepared one more brand new ship! You can learn more (and admire) about it tomorrow, follow our news!

Next, we would like to tell you about a very interesting innovation — weekly leaderboards. Every week, not only can the pilots occupy the first place in these rankings, but also receive rewards for that! That's right—the best pilots in the game will be able to receive Galactic Standards weeekly for occupying the top spot in the ranking.


In this tab, you'll find three new leaderboards:

  • Maximum PvP efficiency

This rating indicates the maximum efficiency of the pilot in a single PvP battle.

  • Maximum PvE effectiveness

This rating indicates the maximum efficiency of the pilot in a single PvE battle.

  • Ships destroyed

This rating indicates the total number of downed ships in PvP battles.

Of course, you're wondering how many GS you can get? We will not tease you:

  • For the first place in one of the ratings, the pilot will be able to get 400 Galactic Standards
  • For the second place — 200 Galactic Standards
  • And for the third place — 100 Galactic Standards

You may have noticed our emphasis on ‘one of the leaderboards’? It's not just a throwaway remark — if the pilot shows outstanding results and takes all the prize places in weekly ratings, he will receive a reward for each of them! Thus, you can get quite a good reward for your efforts and skill in battle!

In addition, we have added a new filtering capability to rankings to make it easier for pilots to navigate them:

But that's not all!

For the convenience of the players, we have implemented Bundles — special offers, which include several premium ships and unique stickers, which can not be obtained any other way. The price, of course, is set to be more attractive if you want to obtain the ships together, not separately. And should you own part of the ships in the bundle, you may purchase it for a reduced price!

So in conclusion, we would like to touch on PvP. We carried out a small refinement of the matchmaker — now for all squads consisting of two people the matchmaker will search for an equivalent squad. This step was taken due to the feedback of our players about situations where the amount of players in the teams was not equal, also, we've seen messages that there were combat situations when 6 random players were fighting against 3 well played-squads of 2 pilots. This change should correct the situation.

To make the ‘Team Battle’ mode as explosive as possible and interesting for the players, we have modified the number of points needed to win - now it will be floating, depending on the size of the team. That is, the smaller the teams are, the less points have to be accumulated. We have taken this step because our players have noted the slowness of combat if the teams are relatively small in number.

That's all for today, as usual, we welcome your comments on our forum!

Star Conflict Team


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