Note 37 - Observer and improvements in the ‘Invasion’ mode

Today we would like to talk about changes in the ‘Observer’ mode that allows watching the battles, and about additions to the ‘Invasion’.



  • What was it like before?

This functionality has been available for a long time, but in trial form. Our testers and developers used this option that was not fully completed in terms of interface.


  • How will it work?

Now, any pilot can use this mode in a ‘Custom Battle’ room. The good old interface panel will have a new button ‘Spectate’, which will allow you to connect to the battle at any time. Observer access to the room, as well as access for other pilotsm is controlled by a password.

Attention! The pilot can only observe battles started in the ‘Custom Battle’ mode

The team distribution section will get a new panel for ‘Observers’, that displays those who joined to watch the battle.

Observers do not participate in the battle. The observer’s camera is fixed on a pilot, and by using mouse buttons or clicking on the nickname in the list of pilots, you can switch to any mercenary in battle. Nicknames of pilots from the left section of the team distribution screen will always be blue, and the right section — red. Tactical map is also available for observation, but displays only those ships that are detected by the pilot you’re currently observing.

Improvements in the ‘Invasion’ mode

Polishing of this mode is in full swing, and we will actively continue to make changes to the gameplay and balance. Thus, the Imperial sector now has the popular PvE-mission ‘Blackwood Shipyard’. It’s located next to Ontregos system and will carry the same name. Access to the location will be open to ships from the second technological level.
We experimented a bit with marker icons — as before, the exclamation icon will appear always, but its display is above trophies and does not obscure the model. By the way, items from the cargo hold can now be ejected by pressing LMB.
And soon the pilots will be able to change the appearance of the ship in the theme of the new mode.

This concludes today's blog, and as always, looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team


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