Note 38 - Mentoring system, Workshop update and fort 'Muerto'

Mentoring system

Veterans often turn their attention to the fact that sharing experience with newcomers is a thankless job. Very soon, pilots will be able to teach the rookies, with the help of a function with a system of rewards. To become a mentor, the pilot must have the ship of at least rank 9 of any side of conflict and have no less than 200 successful launches. If these requirements are met, the mercenary can become a mentor.

A recruit can not be more experienced than his teacher, therefore, if the pilot has ships above rank 3 — he can't have a mentor. Other conditions limit the number of recruits to five per mentor — also a recruit can only have one mentor.

The best training comes from combat missions in PvP and PvE. Recruit and mentor have to be in a squad, so that no one and nothing can distract them from the educational process. According to the results of each of the missions, recruit can assess the mentor by marking him with the ‘Like’ button. Then this training will be a success and the mentor will get 25% of synergy earned by the recruit in their free synergy.
Training ends when the recruit reaches ships of rank 4, or at the request of the recruit or teacher. What do recruits and their mentor get at the end?

A number of new achievements, designed to encourage active and successful mentors:

  • ‘Successful Mentor’: Your recruits must win 100 battles
  • ‘Experienced Mentor’: 50 of your recruits need to reach rank 4
  • ‘Revered Mentor’: Obtain approval 20 times from 20 different recruits during squad flights with them
  • ‘Veteran Mentor’: Get all the Mentor achievements

The pilots who become Veteran mentors receive unique ship stickers.

We remind you that the mentor's objective is to improve the recruits' combat skills and, consequently, increase the rank of their ships, which means that the mentor is responsible for the level of personal training of their recruits.

Module creation system

Module creation system will also undergo significant changes in the near future. Pilots will get a workshop, which will be designed for the production of a variety of items, as well as for the modernization of the models and tools of different technological levels to Mk5.

Now, to produce any element you have to learn its blueprint and have the necessary components. You can learn to produce the module or weapons with blueprints, which can be either standard, or unique and very rare. Studied blueprints disappear from the warehouse and re-examination is not required, which means that the extra blueprints can be safely sold.

In order to create any object, it is necessary to:

  • Open Workshop
  • Select the desired blueprint
  • Ensure that the blueprint is studied
  • Ensure that there are adequate resources in sufficient quantities
  • Press ‘Manufacture’

Quite simple yet hugely useful.

New sector in "Invasion"

And to finish things off — a new Attacked Sector has been discovered. Very soon Mercenaries will receive coordinates of the new Jericho sector ‘New Tortuga’...

This concludes today's blog, and as always, looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team


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