Note 39 - Future plans and tournaments

So, update 1.0 is already on the main servers and pilots can fully enjoy it. We won't dwell on what has already been done - patchnotes and their discussion threads exist just for that. We'd rather talk about the future, near and distant.


Evolution of the universe



New maps for both the Invasion and PvP-modes are also under development. The world will keep growing, and it with the storyline that will give the pilots a lot of exciting game situations, reveal a lot of secrets, and allow beginners to meet each of the sides of conflict and make the right choice. The long-forgotten personalities of Star Conflict universe will also make an appearance.
We are sticking to our promise to add dreadnaughts to the game, work is carried out in full force. Mechanics of them will be more than interesting, and the machines themselves will be able to make a significant contribution to corporation wars.



Future updates



The first thing that will be released soon is integration with social network ‘Vkontakte’. It will work almost the same as Facebook integration, each pilot will be able to share their achievements, mission results, hangar views or purchases.




Implants system has been improved, and soon pilots will be able to choose implant presets. For example, for a slot with an engineering frigate there will be one set of implants, and for the slot with an interceptor - another. The number of such sets is limited to the maximum number of slots in the pilot's hangar, but the opportunity to use the following set of each will require a higher rank in research branch. Just remember not to mix up your combat slots.
We are also testing a new formula for calculating rating, which, if successful, will replace the existing one. The changes are as follows - increased dependence on average battle efficiency, including negative multipliers. For example, if you have ships of ranks 11-14 yet decide to join a battle on T1, the post-battle efficiency should be divided into two - this figure will be compared to your current personal rating and counted, so a large number of flights in ‘sandbox’ in the end will reduce your efficiency slightly less than by half. But don't be afraid - having T5 unlocked and flying ships of at least 9 rank will not affect your efficiency.

Tournament component


The first intercorporate championship ended this weekend. The event showed a great potential for further team aspect development and the possibility of having (besides the ‘blitz tournaments’) regular game seasons between corporation teams.



  • First place - Evil Space Bears [ESB]
  • Second place - Nova Corporation [Nova]
  • Third place - SIRIUS [SRS]
  • Fourth place - The Wolf Pack [WPK]

The winners will not only substantially supplement their accounts, but also receive valuable prizes from Tt eSPORTS.

This concludes today's blog, and as always, looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team


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