Note 42 — Game balanсe

Today we would like to tell you about the balance revisions concerning weapons.

Weapons using explosion mechanics hardly ever hit small and fast targets, which in addition have defensive bonuses against such weapons. Therefore, their impact will be slightly modified — we plan to increase their blast radius.

‘Assault Railgun’ and ‘Plasma Cannon’ offered to novice pilots display below average effectiveness in combat. Analyzing combat performance, it is clear that projectile speed is not enough to take proper lead while aiming. Therefore we plan to increase this speed for weapons and ammunition accelerating projectiles. This will smooth the disadvantage that, for example, thermal weapons did not have, and using them will not be as easy...

But some weapons are too effective.

Too high critical damage of the ‘Cannon’ makes you only install modifiers associated with critical hit chance. In addition, the weapon was too effective against all opponents — missing with it is rather difficult, as well as with other lasers. Sometimes it is a key advantage in battle. For now, we decided that damage and other weapon bonuses will not be reduced, but this type of weapons will encourage engaging enemies in close combat.

Looking forward to your comments!

Star Conflict Team


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