Note 48 — Battle of Dreadnoughts, Guide

Starting with Star Conflict version 1.1.3 corporations can establish control over locations on the global map. Captured locations will bring additional profits to their owners.



A dreadnought is a must-have for a corporation to take part in location capture. Corporation CEO and VPs can control dreadnought construction and upgrades. They also make strategic decisions like choosing a location to attack or defend.



Pilots take part in planned battles and accumulate resources for construction. Players without corporations cant take part in battles by being recruited by the defenders. Battle results and new location owners are displayed on the global map.



Let's see how the capture process looks. To see corporation battles on the map, press the button in the bottom right corner.



All locations on global map apart from capitals, docks and locations with Alien portals can be captured. To capture a location, bring up the context menu with a right-click. Then announce the attack.



Green arrow shows the dreadnought warp-jump direction.



Each location has a special income value generated for owning it.



Announcing attack:

There are three time zones: European, American and Russian. Every corporation with a Dreadnought, depending on its size, has an ability to attack 1 to 4 sectors at the same time.



Location capture:

Every location has a defence value. From the start all of the locations are free and do not belong to anyone, therefore current value equals 0.

Here is how location defence value can be increased:

  1. Location capture increases location defence value by 60 points.
  2. If chosen location belongs to one corporati on for 24 hours, location defence value increases by 10 points a day.
  3. 5 points are added to the location defence value if a corporate Dreadnought is present in the location during the attack.


The maximum location defence value is 100. If a dreadnought is stationed in a location, the number increases to 130.



There are various possible scenarios:

  1. When location is not owned by any corporation and only one corporation is participating in the capture — location is captured automatically.
  2. When a location is not owned by any corporation and it has more than one attacker (not more than 8 attackers for one location) they are fighting each other using play-off principle. The winner Corporation gets the location.



If a location is already owned by a Corporation then current location capture is performed in 2 stages.

First stage is Assault — all attackers engage the defenders.



Defenders can put forward any number of wings, including hiring players from other corporations or with no corporation at all.



If the defender wins a battle, the loser leaves the tournament. Location defence does not change.

If the defender lost (or did not queue), location defence is reduced by 10 pts.

If the defender failed to put forward a defending wing, location defence is reduced by 10 pts. for each attacking wing. Attackers with no defenders fight each other in pairs.

If the defenders lost, second battle stage begins.


Second phase uses the play-off principle. Only the winners of the 1st phase can participate.

Then the new location owner is determined.



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