Note 49 — Game development plans


On March 26, 2015 we launched Season 2 in our project Star Conflict. The long-awaited dreadnoughts finally appeared in the game. Start of the second season marked a new stage in the development of the game. We added new maps for PvP and PvE battles, as well as a new PvE mode ‘Special Operation’. We have combined all the locations in a network with a single world map. The game got new Aliens and new locations. Some locations have been destroyed. In others, new mysterious global objects appeared.

We completely redesigned the Sector Conquest mode. Now corporations can capture locations on a global space map. To do this, they need to build dreadnoughts — huge ships of great destructive power. Capturing locations will allow corporations to earn extra income. And all the other players will be able to see the power and strength of the corporation capable of controlling the whole sector. Also everyone will be able to follow the progress of corporations and track upcoming battles. Pilots can offer their services as mercenaries and take part in the protection of locations, even if they are not in a corporation.

A dreadnought battle is an epic battle in which the main role is played by the pilots of corporations. The battle between corporate dreadnoughts is the primary means to compare the strength, skill and training of the opposing corporate pilots.

We invite all who wish to see dreadnought battles with their own eyes to check out a special demo version of the game.

In the demo you can only watch the battle. Feel the battle’s scale and the power of dreadnoughts. The demo also focuses on the use of a virtual reality helmet Oculus. It adds even more scope and power to the battle.

What will happen next? We will develop the system of corporation battles. There will be new locations accessible for inspection. Dreadnoughts will get new weapons and new opportunities for modernization. We won’t forget about pilots not included in any corporation. There will be new locations for PvP and PvE modes. You can visit a special section of the site to get acquainted with all our plans here.


Of course, these are not all our plans for the near future. We will continue to acquaint you with them in our developer blog in the future. Looking forward to your participation in the discussions on the forum and in social networks, stay with us!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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