Note 53 — Autumn plans

‘Monolith Ruins’ location. Decaying relic view


Next week, you will discover the great military secret, all the tasks of the mysterious Miss Summer will finally come to an end. We hope you enjoyed working on her jobs. Just to remind you, the pilots who will performed all the tasks from Summer will receive a new ship called ‘Nyx’.


If you watch the news on the game website, you know that Summer and her tasks are surrounded by a twisted tangle of intrigue and espionage. It turns out that the lovely girl is not the one whom she claims to be. Maybe she does not act alone!


But let's not disclose all the intrigue surrounding the events. All in good time. Let's just say that the story of Miss Summer does not end this summer and will continue in the fall. Pilots will be able to compete for brand new weapons working on new physical principles.


Do not forget about the anniversary — one year since the game’s release. The year was eventful. We added new game modes and Dreadnoughts. But we will support a good tradition of large autumn updates.


‘Monolith Ruins’ location. The orbital complex's population used to reach several dozen million people...


We previously wrote that in the new update you will see a destroyed orbital complex — a city known as ‘Monolith Ruins’. A Majestic Monolith, a drifting colony of the Jericho Liu family, the pride of the departed fleet. Monolith is considered to be a shrine. Legend says it was secretly used by Bartle himself to leave Earth.


A new location has been discovered in Troy system — ‘Sanctuary’. It’s a tombstone of a bygone civilization, ancient structures are motionless on the orbits of the system’s planets. This is the first tangible proof of the existence of those who came before us...


A new challenge for pilots is an encounter with the Destroyer. Currently, scientists have no data on the characteristics of the new Alien ship. The only thing we know for sure is that when Destroyer appears next to peaceful planets and stations, no trace of them remains.


And some peaceful locations are about to be attacked by pirates. The regular army is pinned down fighting Aliens, and that means that there is no one to stop the pirates! The last hope is for you, mercenaries!


Latest Jericho fighter ‘Saw One’
One of the receiver antennae of an early warning system


We are also paying attention to our top pilots! Very soon they will get access to new ships of the highest technological level. The latest developments of scientists — secret project ships — have advanced weaponry and defence systems. Many mercenaries will want to strengthen their fleets with these ships!


Of course, that’s far from everything included in the update. Follow the news. Visit the game forum. Subscribe to the game’s groups in social networks. We will tell you about all the new features in the game.



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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