Note 54 — What lies ahead?

The much-anticipated September is finally here. The time that our players have been waiting for, and which we have been carefully preparing for all summer. We released a big and important update 1.2 called ‘Dogs of War’ dedicated to all our pilots in the game. We hope that you’ve been keeping an eye on our news and are already familiar with all the new features of the update. We remind you that all the information on updates can be found on the official game forum. We’d also like to remind you that a year has passed since the game’s release. We have prepared some figures from the past year and made a small infographic:



With the advent of autumn, the saga of the mysterious Miss Summer and her assignments has also come to an end. It is no longer a secret that Summer is  a representative of a mysterious organization. It turns out she has many followers and is clearly linked to pirate clans. Perhaps her organization is even more serious and dangerous than we can predict. We are not saying goodbye to Miss Summer. She successfully fled from justice and certainly will be back. Maybe in another guise...


It is important that all the pilots, who performed her tasks have already received the rather unusual ship ‘Nyx’. Those who did not have time to perform tasks this summer can get the ship as part of DLC.



Now the players also have a chance to get new weapons to hunt down the scattered Summer’s followers. Make haste! The followers are going into hiding, and soon they will be nigh impossible to locate.


And we are starting the preparations for the next big milestone in development of our project. The next big update will coincide with the not so distant Christmas and New Year. Of course, we will also continue to release updates in the offseason. In the near future you can expect a new system of ranked games. All players will be able to assemble teams to participate in battles with each other. And the best teams will meet in the super finals to battle for super prizes.


Fire, water and narrow secret passages next to the mysterious plant ‘Ambrosia-VII’


We also continue our work on new experimental locations. The main difference from the usual locations is the proximity of hard surfaces. One of such locations has a top and a bottom, limited space and a complex system of tunnels. This should have a significant impact on strategy and tactics in battle.


We are pleased to inform you that at the moment we are working on the long-awaited new ship class! These are going to be very large ships, much bigger than frigates that are already in the game. The new ships will have tremendous fighting power and increased vitality. Their appearance in battle will significantly change the balance of power. Pilots will face new tactical challenges, new battle plans. Very soon you are going to hear more about this, so stay tuned for future announcements!


The team is working hard to improve the PvP mode, relying on player comments and suggestions. We are carefully collecting all your feedback and analyzing it to develop solutions for changing one of the most important modes in our game.


Work will continue on the balance of weapons and modules. It’s a never-ending task that requires accumulation of statistical data, receiving feedback from pilots, time for analysis and experimentation.


Development of corporations and dreadnoughts in the project will also continue. Upgrading corporations will increase their impact on the gaming universe. Another potential new feature is a system of alliances between corporations. We are also preparing a major upgrade of the open space.


As you can see, we have a lot of plans. There’s so much new and exciting stuff ahead of us. Stay with us. follow the news, play Star Conflict!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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