Note 5 - Protecting the sector

Cosmos - wide open space or sitting in a tiny cockpit.
Cosmos - infinite emptiness or cold fever bouts.
Cosmos ...
Some started with books: Bradbury, Strugatsky, Asimov and many other fine authors? Or with movies about Star Wars, Star Trek, or perhaps with completly different things.
Whichever path you choose, he brought you to Star Conflict, so one of our goals was to find interesting sessions for all kind of different space travelers.
Patch 0.7.0 opens a new stage in the development of the project. We expect that PvE will open new opportunities for players and at the same time not become mandatory.

In the first phase we introduce the "protection" mode, which was already announced in the news.
This mode is designed for a group of 4 players. You can compete as a squad or join the queue to find members.

Sector Protection mode will become not just another regime with other rules, but a starting point for the development of the storyline of the game.
Players will assume the defence of one of the Imperial shipyards where the Dreadnoughts are built. You will have to protect it against saboteurs of competing organizations. To get started you need to thwart the plans of your enemies to destroy the command centers, coordinating the work of the shipyard.
Opponents will be arriving in waves from all directions, without allowing you to relax.

A set of such special operations will be extended constantly. Also we will give you the chance to visit the most different corners of the universe, from the darkest sectors belonging to Jericho, to pirate bases hidden from prying eyes.

Thus, we plan that PvE players will find interest in this mode. We think that PvE will attract primarily those players who like a measured gameplay or just want to unwind after a hard day.

Protect the world from the invasion and clean the sectors from pirates - Conquer the universe!


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