Note 60 — Evolution of ‘Sector Conquest’

Almost a year ago we launched the new ‘Sector Conquest’ system. We also introduced dreadnoughts and epic battles they can participate in. Star sectors were divided between the powerful corporations and alliances. It's time to take the next step in the battle for control of inhabited worlds. Very soon, ‘Sector Conquest’ is going to evolve. Today for the first time we want to tell you what the new system of global corporation wars is going to look like in our game.


Corporations will continue to fight for systems and zones, available to players on the global star map. Battles involving corporate dreadnoughts will become a rare yet even more important event. Corporations will be able to demonstrate well-coordinated work of their wings, influence location defence strength and receive awards in daily tournaments and PvP battles.


Changes to ‘Sector Conquest’ will take place gradually. The new rules will be phased in. Below we are going to look into the main stages of the new SecCon launch.


Stage One. Defence strength and SecCon rewards.



Each location has a certain ‘Defense strength’. This option is affected by dreadnoughts nearby and results of daily battles in pilot tournaments (and even results of personal battles of corporation pilots). Each victory or defeat in a tournament or PvP battle will affect ‘Defence strength’. Both increase and decrease it. Max strength remains the same.


  • Upon capturing the location the zone receives a few strength points.
  • Dreadnought in a location recovers its strength.
  • Corporation pilots can recover strength of the selected location by winning in normal PvP-battles.
  • If the defending team loses, location strength is reduced.


System ownership rewards will also be procured in battles. The reward will directly depend on ‘Defence strength’ and, later, from special corporate buildings in the star system.


Each corporation pilot will receive a certain amount of tokens that can be used to obtain the desired reward. The number of tokens depends on the level of the corporation and the held location. To receive a reward from a territory, the player has to fly into battle in exactly this location and win to get the reward.


Stage Two. Dreadnoughts and daily tournaments.



Corporations will still be able to attack or defend locations only with the help of dreadnoughts. But the ship will have to fly directly to the location of the future battle. It will take time, resources and expensive fuel. One Dreadnought can protect all the locations within a single star system. But attacking or defending multiple star systems at the same time will not be possible. Corporations need to build additional dreadnoughts if they want to attack multiple star systems at the same time.


Only corporation pilots will be able to fight in dreadnought battles. Involving mercenaries or casual pilots will no longer be possible. In general, attacks on star systems involving corporate dreadnoughts seem to us a very important event. All pilots need to make an effort to collect resources and fleet strength. Moreover, all active actions of corporation pilots will fill corporation storage with necessary resources. Anything a pilot does in the game adds to the general treasury of the corporation in one form or another.


Daily tournaments will now become the main tool of increasing corporation levels and the level of their pilots. Corporate wings will be able to join tournaments as well.


  • Tournaments will be scheduled daily.
  • Solo players or whole wings will be able to participate.
  • Every corporation as a result of these games, determines its special place in the league table of corporations.


Stage Three. New star systems and corporation structures.



The number of star systems available to pilots in fringe sectors is constantly growing. We also plan to expand the number of star systems available for control in SecCon mode.


Along with new star systems, corporations will get the ability to build special structures affecting ‘Defense strength’ in locations and rewards for control over them. More information about the structures will be uncovered in future editions of the developer blog.


Stage Four. New corporate structure.

Level system for corporations as well as their pilots will change significantly. Each pilot will grow in their corporation’s respective ranks. Synergy gained in battle will directly affect the reputation of the pilot and the reputation of the entire corporation as a whole. The higher the rank of a pilot — the higher rewards he gets from occupied locations. Player reputation will influence the level of the corporation.


Stage Five. Age of empires.

The updated SecCon version implies that corporations will not be able to constantly control occupied sectors. Capturing and holding sectors will take a certain amount of time. Long enough that corporations would be able to divide the available stellar systems. We are calling this SecCon seasons. At the end of the season the best corporations and pilots will receive special rewards — titles, medals, resources, honour and respect, their own place in the game’s Hall of Fame. And then everything will start from the beginning...


Of course, that’s not all the information about the future of the new ‘Sector Conquest’ system. We shall return to this topic in our future developer blogs. Stay with us. Follow the news, play Star Conflict!



Looking forward to your comments!


Star Conflict Team


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