Iridium stream

The zone ‘Iridium Stream’ keeps many secrets. It holds a massive high-quality Iridium mining operation, which is one of the most important resources in the galaxy, but among the asteroids and mining stations, hide the ruins of ancient civilizations.


Massive shields connected with a strange energy shield were definitely built for protection, and the strange obelisks of unknown material still emit energy. Mysteries held by these ruins attract scientists from all over the galaxy.


Occasional fights for the right to control Iridium deposits between sides of conflict break out from time to time.


Aliens are also very active in the systems. Frequent battles with Alien ships wear out the human forces. The Aliens may be preparing ground for a full-scale invasion of the system. What made them so curious about the ruins? So far, the human fleets are holding the line.


But will it last?


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