5 January 2017

New 'Ellydium' Active Modules

EMC prepared a special review of the new developments of "Ellidium" corporation to ship "Thar'ga". This is a super-modern weapons created with technology Alien live crystals, and has a unique effect. Curious pilots can find a description of modules and their detailed images right here.

The images in HD format will soon be available for download and viewing in our Artworks section.


Active modules for Ellydium corporation Fighter Thar'Ga

Missile reload


This active module is only available to ‘Ellydium’ ships. An extension of the missile compartment, allowing it to carry out an immediate and full reload.


Crystal drone


An active module only available to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'ga’. Detaches a stationary drone from the crystalline portion of the hull, which can hit several targets simultaneously.


Alien intuition


An active module only available to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'ga’. Increases critical hit chance, but disrupts its own guidance systems. When using this module, locking a target is impossible.


Inhibitor swarm


A nanobot swarm is launched in the crosshairs' direction. Enemies hit by the swarm receive EM damage and have their maneuverability reduced.


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