17 March 2017

Testing Thar'ga


Pilots! It's time to test very important changes to Thar'ga characteristics on the public test server. According to the test results we will decide on the final changes.  


New active module ‘Reflected fury’

Ellydium fighter Thar'Ga is getting a new active module ‘Reflected fury’.

  • It removes all negative effects and grants invulnerability. Deals damage to all enemies, who lock the player's ship as their target. Damage ignores shields.


Modules and weapons

According to analysis of information about conducted battles, the following changes were made.



Slightly reduced damage from charge accumulation and reduced general damage by 5%.



Damage reduced by 16%.


‘Alien intuition’ module

Considerably weakened additional damage.
Slightly decreased recharge.


Modified prices and characteristics of some components

‘Combat reconstructor’ - 25 points. Drops mines and bombs on activation.
Rank 5 Engine Boost - 65 points.
Rank 15 Engine Boost  - gives a 5% bonus.
Rank 12 Shield Reinforcement - gives a 10% bonus.
Rank 11 Hull Reinforcement - gives a 10% bonus.



Decreased rotation speed (pitch and yaw) by 5%.


Generally, to maximize ship speed you need to use 3-5 modifiers. Fighters did not fit into the overall picture by having several unique engine modifiers at their disposal. Using at least one of them provided maximum speed without any significant penalties, while others were almost completely ignored. Therefore, the following changes were made.


Reworked ‘Cruise Engine Modification’ modifier

Turn penalty is now 20% (previously 17%).
Speed bonus is now 10% (previously 17%).
Increased energy consumption by 15% (previously 20%).
Power consumption of first boost activation increased by 100%.
Speed bonus during acceleration reduced by about 15% (different for different Mks).


‘Catalyst Injector’ modifier

Now gives a much greater increase in speed (different for different Mks).


‘Swiftness Sphere’ modifier

Added turn penalty (same as regular cruise speed).
Maximum speed bonus is now 5% (previously 10%).
Energy consumption per second +10% (previously +5%).
Reduced speed bonus on acceleration (different for different Mks).


All pilots can take part in testing these changes on the public test server.

Testing of the trade system will be held on the public test servers of Star Conflict.
Public test server is completely independent from live game servers where updates are uploaded for mass testing.
Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here.  


Mass testing schedule

Public Test server is running for a limited time. The server is only meant for testing updates scheduled for live deployment.

  • Friday: 18:00 (UTC+3) - 22:00 (UTC+3)
  • Saturday: 18:00 (UTC+3) - 22:00 (UTC+3)
  • Sunday: 18:00 (UTC+3) - 22:00 (UTC+3)


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