27 April 2017

Star Conflict 1.4.4: Legacy of the ancestors


Cryptogram BRIF12-122047
From: United Mercenary Centre
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject:Lost Technologies

Pilots! Leaks of so-called ‘lost technologies’ continue. This time, parts of the legendary Spiral and Endeavour ships, carefully re-created in accordance with blueprints and technology extracted from the special archaeological expedition to Erebus system, hit the black market. UMC internal security is extremely concerned about the leaks of such sensitive and important information. An investigation has been launched. 

UMC Administration


Spring Marathon


We congratulate all pilots with the beginning of spring and spring holidays. For the spring break season, UMC offers a huge number of bonuses and discounts! 
Star Conflict team congratulates pilots on Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War! In honour of the holiday, we have prepared a gift — special colouring scheme ‘Star Camouflage’ and a unique sticker ‘St. George's ribbon’, which will be available to all players during the Victory Day celebrations from May 8 to May 10. To do this will need to go to the ‘Bundles’ tab and select ‘Victory day’.



A special expedition from the Erebus system provided UMC with all the information received. We remind you that the expedition was engaged in excavations of the ancient object ‘Spot’, found in the asteroid belt of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4. The discovered ancient object turned out to be a repository of old tech from the times of humanity's stellar expansion: weapons, vehicles, modules and terabytes of project documentation. 

Deciphering all of the data will take some time, but the unique legendary ships Spiral and Endeavour are available to all pilots right now.



Modular ship
Main module class:Engineering frigate 
Additional module class:Interceptor 
Allegiance: Empire
Rank: 10

The space combat system ‘Spiral’ is the only representative of the legendary modular system of combat starships developed during the early stellar expansion of mankind. Blueprints and technologies of the unique modular system were lost during the formation of the Empire. The combat system has perfectly proven itself during the battles with the Revenant Order in the days of Direktorium. 

The system consists of two combat modules that can function as a single unit, or separately. The detachable module can temporarily become a full-fledged interceptor, and then reconnect and use all the capabilities of the frigate. 

Blueprints and technologies of the ‘Spiral’ system were lost at the end of the XXXVI century. They were rediscovered in the special facility of the ‘Spot’ object, found in the asteroid field of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4 by a special expedition from Erebus. 

Special module: MiG-105

Undocks the MiG-105 ship, ensures its invulnerability during the first seconds of the flight and transfers control to it. The carrier vehicle explodes after undocking. When the effect ends, it calls a backup carrier vehicle.


Overheating laser


Type: Thermal weapon
Mounted on: Spiral
This weapon's projectiles are capable of speeding up the heating of enemy weapons.


Plasma Blaster


Type: EM weapon
Ship type: Frigate (Engineering)
Powerful electromagnetic weapon. Shoots exploding plasma charges. 


Active module ‘Invulnerability Projector’

Type: Active module
Group: Engineering modules
Mounted on: Spiral
Makes the carrier and the ship of the chosen ally temporarily invulnerable and restores its shield.


Active module ‘Hyperwarp jump’

Active module installed on the detachable part of the Spiral space system.
The ship becomes invisible and jumps forward. Invisibility can not be disabled for a certain time.


‘Shadow’ mine

Mounted on the detachable part of the Spiral space system.
Places a mine with invisibility module. Activates when trying to get away from it, or on a timer.


Quickcharge system

Type: CPU modifier
Mounted on: Spiral
Accelerates recharging of active modules, increasing their power consumption.



Class: Guard frigate
Allegiance: Federation
Rank: 10

Guard frigate ‘Endeavour’ looks like a legendary ship from the first steps of mankind in the exploration of outer space. The ship was widely used since the middle of the 27th century during the ‘religious wars’. It proved itself well in the battles with fanatics of the so-called Fringe — the same organization that became the foundation of the church of believers in the Signal. It was ‘Endeavour’ that became an experimental model to carry the famous ‘Jumper’ — the first model of an interstellar engine of ultra-compact size. 
Blueprints and technologies of ‘Endeavor’ were lost almost immediately after the adoption of the ‘Frontier Decree’. They were rediscovered in the special facility of the ‘Spot’ object, found in the asteroid field of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4 by a special expedition from Erebus. 


Special module ‘Accelerating Shield’

Continuously deals damage to enemy shields, while the speed of recharging the module decreases for each opponent. When the module is activated, the ship receives additional resistance to all types of damage and a bonus to ship speed, which gradually decreases within a few seconds.


Compression railgan


Type: EM weapon
Mounted on: Endeavor
The damage dealt by the ship in the last few seconds increases rate of fire.


Induction Laser


Type: Beam Weapon
Ship type: Frigate (Guard)
If you hit the target and other opponents, recharging time of the modules increases. 


Phase demodulator

Type: Active module
Group: Guard modules
Mounted on: Endeavor
All opponents in the zone forcefully mark the ship as a target. At this time, the shield charge increases significantly.


Reinforced Shield

Type: Shield modifier
Mounted on: Endeavor
Increases shield resistance to all types of damage, while reducing the range of primary weapons.


Tech race


April 27 to May 14, inclusive, is the time to collect unique resources for construction of the legendary ‘Lost Technology’ ships. When the stage ends, the parts can be obtained only by trading with other pilots.

Ship and weapon parts can be purchased in special bundles in the game store with special currency — Xenochips. Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time and after the end of the event will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. We recommend that you spend xenochips before the end of the event.
Xenochips will be awarded to everyone taking part in the ‘Tech race’
Xenochips can be obtained by completing Broker missions in PvP mode
Xenochips can be obtained by completing special Selena Galo missions in PvE, Co-op, and Open Space.
Xenochips will be removed from the game after May 15.

Each bundle can only be purchased once, and you are guaranteed to receive.


Old friends of Cortes


Attention to all pilots! This is the UMC special liaison Selena Galo.
Due to the fact that in recent years UMC has been working closely with Ellydium, we were contacted by the head of the Ellydium Theta Station Security Service Natasha Cortes. She requires mercenaries to destroy cartel fighters who allegedly know too much about the Cartel's common past with Ellydium. Cortesreally wanted to personally supervise this operation.
Find and destroy the cartel fighter ships, marked by Natasha Cortes in open space. 
As a reward you will receive xenochips!


Tai'Kin resources


UMC reports that the Broker missions, previously connected with obtaining the cabin of Tai'Kin ship, were fully transferred to Conrad Dimeni. By completing special missions you can purchase containers with resources for Tai'Kin for 200 iridium.  
Conrad Dimeni still provides pilots with unique contracts, that can help them quickly upgrade the ship Tai'Kin. Containers are available to pilots for credits after completing the contracts. 
Also, valuable resources needed to build a Tai'Kin can still be purchased by trading with other pilots.
Attention! All pilots can purchase special container bundles with a cabin and resources for the rapid upgrade of Tai'Kin ship with galactic standards.



We continue to make balance changes in key parameters of game modes, weapons and modules. All changes have been made based on analysis of battles and statistics. 


Premium ships

Now all premium ships receive an additional bonus.
+50% to loyalty earned in battle.



Decreased ship maneuverability.
Decreased the speed of the ship's lateral movement.



Destroyers now receive less damage in close range.
A ship that flies closer than 750 m. to a destroyer deals x1.5 damage (previously x2.5) to the shield, hull and modules.


Weapons and modules

Weapon Quantum Railgun

Damage reduced by 16%.
Reduced projectile speed.
Increased maximum scatter.
Increased heating time.
Increased cooling time.


Weapon Boson cannon

Reduces damage of direct hits by 20%.


Special module Synergetic disintegrator

Damage reduced by 17%.


Special module ‘Frontal Shield’

Shield time reduced.


Module Disintegrator modifier

Reduced rate of fire boost.


Module Reflected Fury

Damage reduced by 30%.
Increased active time.


Capacitor modifier Reserve generator

Recovery time increased.
Now you can install no more than one modifier per ship.



Improved logic of working with resources.
If one or more resources exceed the limit when scrapping a component, scrapping is blocked
After purchase, receiving rewards, etc. the pilot receives the over-limit resource in a letter
The lifetime of the letter is 24 hours from the time of sending
If the limit is exceeded when opening a resource letter, the overlimit part is sent with a new letter
If none of the resources in the message can be placed in the warehouse, then the resources from the letter are blocked


Restrictions on Resources

Added a limit on the amount of resources for production in storage:

  • Enriched beryllium — 500
  • Neodium plate — 500
  • Beryllium — 1000
  • Raw neodium — 1000


Update of current resources

New resources will now be used nstead of Monocrystals and Alien omposite panels:

  • Enriched monocrystal
  • Composite Alien block


ATTENTION! Out-of-date resources — Monocrystals and Alien Composite panels — are in player storage in full!
You can convert old resources into new ones 1:1 at any time. Conversion is free.
New materials also have a storage limit of 500 units.


  • New materials have a storage limit in the warehouse - 500 units;
  • In the event that you had fewer than 300 monocrystals and Alien composite panels, they were automatically replaced by resources of the new generation;
  • In the event that there were more than 300 monocrystals and Alien composite panels, the system returned them to the warehouse in full.



Added intracorporate rating of earned influence points.
Rating is reset when exiting the corporation.


Sector Conquest


Reward to corporation pilots for control over locations is increased. 

  • The reward can be in credits, iridium, resources for construction of destroyers, xenocrystals and monocrystals.
  • The reward depends on the level of the location.


Now, while capturing the location, which until then was held by another corporation, the initial number of tokens increases.

  • Tokens are awarded only when entering the game.


Building a dreadnought.

  • The cost of building and improving dreadnoughts is reduced x10.
  • The speed of building and improving dreadnoughts has been increased x10.



Reworked resource production window.
Changed synergy transfer display.



A number of graphic effects has been improved.
Maximum size of the warehouse increased to 2500 seats.
Pilots who bought sets with the maximum warehouse will have its capacity increased automatically.


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with Thar'Ga hull recovery under certain influences.
Fixed a number of obsolete texts.
Fixed a number of errors in texts.
Added recovery time display for some missions.
Fixed enemy icons in PvE mission ‘Ariadne's Thread’.
Fixed several map bugs.
Fixed a bug with damage to Thar'Ga when using ‘Resonating Crystals’.
Fixed ‘Reduced Recovery’ bug on Thar'Ga.


Star Conflict Team


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