5 May 2017

Weekend with Star Conflict!


Pilots! The holidays continue! It is time to prepare the fleet for new victories!


Special deal for the weekend:

  • +50% of synergy in combat.
  • +50% of credits earned in combat.
  • x2 synergy transfer rate.
  • 50% discount on the ‘Contraband Container’.
  • 50% discount on the premium license for 6 months.


Premium license gives all pilots the right to receive more battle rewards, loyalty vouchers and synergy in combat.
And when the battle ends,  pilots with a premium license get two additional trophy search attempts — which means that the chance of getting new and unique equipment is higher!

This license will help pilots get a great reward:

  • +50% to credits gain.
  • +50% to loyalty vouchers gain.
  • +50% to synergy gain.
  • +50% to monocrystals from missions.
  • +50% to xenocrystals from contracts.
  • +2 trophy search attempts after battles.


Strengthen your fleet! Together we can win!


Star Conflict Team