11 May 2017

New wallpapers and artwork!


Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. Reworked some parameters of modules and weapons, improved interface and fixed a number of errors in the game client. 


Weapons and modules


Damage increased by 20%.



Reduced damage of slow charges by 10%.
Reduced speed of slow charges by 15%.
Speed of fast charges increased by 15%.


Infiltrator crystal

Reworked module mechanics.
Fixed a bug where the team was credited for 2 kills instead of 1 when using this module.
Any damage to the target from an ally deals 20% bonus damage.


Return Crystal

Radius of the returned area reduced to 150 m.
Preparation time increased by 0.5 seconds.


Quantum Leap

Recharge time reduced by 1 second.
Now additionally increases ship maneuverability.


Crystal destabilization

Cloud lifetime reduced by 2 seconds.
Recharge time increased by 2 seconds.


Crystal satellite

Now additionally reduces the target's maneuverability by 50%.
Damage increased by 15%.
Fixed a bug where the module's owner was slowed down instead of the target.


Inhibitor crystal

Initial damage increased by 15%.
Inhibition power doubled.
Active radius increased by 150 m.


Crystal Mine

Clip size increased to 8 pcs.
Additional effect time increased to 20 seconds.



Added ability to resize chat window with mouse.
Improved descriptions of several items.
Improved display of synergy figures on ships.
Researching a node now immediately activates it.
Added a description for Ellydium ship mutation progress. To see the progress, place the cursor on the circular mutation indicator.
Added an expiration counter for emails.
Added a description of the reward for completing additional tasks to ‘Ariadne's Thread’ PvE.



Improved the battle drop-in system.


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with Tyrant engine animations.
Fixed a number of errors in texts.
Fixed a bug with ‘Crystal satellite’ module.
Fixed a bug with disappearing missiles in open space near the ship ‘Spiral’.
Fixed bug with multiple drone launches when undocking from the ship ‘Spiral’.
Fixed a bug with displaying active modules #3,4 for ‘Tai'Kin’.
Fixed a bug where ‘Thermoactive laser’ could adversely affect allies.
Improved description of ‘Warp-targeting’.
Fixed confusion in the names ‘Monocrystal’ and ‘Enriched single crystal’.


Star Conflict Team


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