7 July 2017

Ellidium needs your help!

Attention, UMC mercenaries. Once again, his is head of the security at Ellydium Corporation, Arlette Sokal. Tension is growing and we need your help! Our competitors resorted to extreme measures. Several prototypes of Waz'got disappeared. We urgently need to find and destroy the hijackers!

We still offer a reward to those who are ready to confirm their loyalty in battle. For any three tasks completed, you will receive a reward — a container with cabin parts for Waz'Got.

Also, you can earn extra Xenochips by completing all my previous special assignments and the new additional tasks this week:

  • In support of the release of the new Waz'got ship, we are interested in skillful pilots who can show effectiveness in battles with our competitors in any modes.
  • Piloting a frigate, destroy opponents in Co-op vs AI. We would like to discredit the products of our competitor and at the same time support the release of our new ship Waz'got.Skillful frigate pilots are required for the task.
  • Show effectiveness in Coop vs AI, piloting an engineering frigate.We are interested in skillful pilots of engineering frigates, able to show the high survivability of this class of ships in battles against any technology controlled by AI.
  • Finish the PvE mission ‘Ice Belt’, piloting an engineering frigate.We are interested in experienced pilots of engineering frigates, who can withstand heavy fire with a smile. A kind of marketing event in support of the release of the engineering frigate Waz'got.
  • Find and destroy the stolen engineering Ellydium frigate Waz'got in open space.As a result of sabotage, several prototypes of the future Waz'got ship disappeared from the station Ellydium Theta. They need to be tracked down and destroyed until the technology has fallen into the hands of our competitors.


Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict Team


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