26 July 2017

Star Conflict 1.4.6: Engineer Evolved. Stage Two


Cryptogram АSDIF66-1727747
From: Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service Natasha Cortes
To: Top secret! Ellydium Corporation board of directors
Subject: Project Evolution

Gentlemen! Confidential sources (women's toilet to the right of the control tower at Ellydium Theta ), report that this little sh...head of the station brazenly slanders his employees. Thank the heavens, I do not report to him directly, and I am accountable only to you, dear members of the Ellydium corporation board of directors.  

Yes, we have recorded strange cases, when fresh machinery suddenly behaved differently than an egghead would like. These are obvious signs of espionage and sabotage. My service already initiated checks of all the station personnel who had access to those systems. The checks have already revealed several deeply conspiratorial groups. And some of the strings that I'm unraveling at the moment are very entertaining.

The investigation continues. In the near future, I will be ready to provide all the results and point out the perpetrators. I really hope that they will not be among the top managers of the company.

Still Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service Natasha Cortes


Cryptogram АIDA27-172366
From: Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject: Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! Despite the dirty information war deployed against us and our technologies, today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. Today the second stage of evolution of the engineering frigate from the project Evolution Waz'Got became active. The ship is available to all pilots at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ — humanity's first outpost in Alien worlds! 

Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz'Got. Second stage of evolution

The newest state-of-the-art engineering frigate ‘Waz'Got’ is the quintessence of scientific thought and the result of the collective work of all the employees and scientists of the Ellydium Theta station. The frigate's incredible capabilities will provide its allies with reliable support and will give a chance of victory in battle even over superior enemy forces.

Currently, the ship is available for modification from rank 5 to 10. The ship receives an additional special module, active modules, weapons and modifiers.


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz'Got special modules


Alien Satellites

Picking up wreckages of destroyed ships, the engineer produces drones, attacking the enemy and repairing the ship. When activated, sends one of its drones to the selected ally.


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz'Got weapons


‘Waz'Gul’ weapon


Type: EM weapon
Mounted on: Waz'Got

Plasma charge is capable of hitting ships located behind the target. Critical hits add energy.


Ellydium engineering frigate Waz'Got modules


Active module: Gravi-wave

Type: Active module
Group: Engineering modules
Mounted on: Waz'Got

Pushes all enemies, dealing damage. Adds charges to the special module for each target.


Arlette Sokal tasks


Sokal offers all pilots the opportunity to get the necessary resources to build the cabin of the Ellydium engineering frigate Waz'Got. For any three tasks completed, you will receive a reward — a container with cabin parts for Waz'Got.

You will also be able to earn bonus xenocrystals by completing special tasks. Stay tuned!


Game Modes


Work is ongoing on balancing the difficulty of PvE missions in the game.

Rank: 1-5

Fire Support

The mission is available from rank 1.

Ariadne's Thread

The mission is available from rank 2.
Increased the reward for completing the mission at higher ranks.



We continue to make balance changes in key parameters of weapons and modules. All changes have been made based on analysis of battles and statistics.



Reduced ship hull durability and hull bonus at the rank 9 node.
Reduced beacon capture speed and its bonus at the rank 9 node.



Reduced rate of fire by 15%.
Reduced damage by 5%.
Gravitational damage now depends on the size of the target, the larger the target, the greater the damage.


Active modules

Inhibitor swarm

Reduced active time to 4 seconds.

Infiltrator crystal

Reduced range to 1500 m.

Inhibitor crystal

The final additional damage to the cloud is reduced by 20%.


Engine modifiers

Synthesis sphere

Now only one Sphere can be installed in the modifier slot.



Improved several visual effects.
Improved several interface elements.


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with some target objects locations.
Fixed a node collision and the name of the ship Tai'Kin.


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