10 August 2017

New Broker missions: Order from the inner Jericho worlds


UMC announces the start of special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers. The Broker offers new tasks for all pilots. His employers are interested in the speedy strengthening of rank 14 destroyers.

Every day, new tasks from the Broker will be added.

  • The missions will be available from 10.08 to 23.08 inclusive.
  • As a reward you will get a valuable resource ‘Jericho destroyer activator’ required to build rank 14 destroyers.


I was contacted by a very unusual customer from the inner Jericho worlds. Even the very fact of such a connection is quite unusual and it seems that this is some sort of AI network ready to supply a huge amount of Tyrant destroyer components in exchange for UMC services. Considering that this network did not want to remain anonymous, like my usual clients, I think that among other things, its desire is to announce itself. If the word ‘desire’ is applicable to AI. The network calls itself ‘Sentinels’...

It seems that the Sentinels are satisfied with the work of the UMC, and I think that in the near future we should expect new tasks from them. Moreover, my other employers are only going to be happy about another supporter of traditional tech and, as far as I know, they are already negotiating joint events.


Star Conflict Team


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