25 September 2017

Last day - DLC Star Conflict: Engineer Evolved


Pilots! Ellydium corporation made a unique offer — a DLC ‘Star Conflict: Engineer Evolved - Waz'Got’. The DLC is available only untill September 26th in the Official store and on Steam.


This bundle includes

  • ‘Ellydium’ engineering frigate ‘Waz'Got’
  • Unique ship decoration ‘Astromech’
  • Unique title ‘Evolution master’
  • A special bonus — 90 days of premium license!


Attention! Special offer will be available only until September 26th!

Star Conflict: Engineer Evolved - Waz'Got

If you purchase multiple DLC, bonuses to credits, synergy and loyalty are stacked. Together they give a bigger bonus! Premium license time and Galactic Standards are also stacked! You save your time and go straight into battle!


Star Conflict Team