10 October 2017

Star Conflict 1.4.9b

Pilots! An important update has been installed on our servers. Changes were made to ‘Sector Conquest’ mode and several bugs were fixed.



Protective sphere

  • The module effectiveness is weakened by half.


Scavenger drones

  • Decreased repairing hulls from the missile explosion to 10%.



  • Damage reduced by 10%.



  • Damage reduced by 7%.


Damage from drones of all special modules is reduced by 20%.
Hull repairing from Scavenger drones and Alien satellites is reduced to 40% of the damage drones inflict.
Node on 9 rank to increase the regeneration rate for shields is reduced to 20%.


Sector Conquest

Now all battles in a region begin at the same time.
A wing is now matched with an enemy of the same level.

  • Independent pilots in this battle can have a higher level of ships.
  • If the battle only has independent pilots, the teams are matched by ship level.


The minimum team composition is now four pilots.

  • Vacant pilot spots are filled with AI.



Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
Added new description for Waz'Got battle station.
Improved stability of game servers.
Added sound effects for some repair / regeneration actions.
Updated game credits.
Improved shield effects.


Bug fixes

The description of ‘Static Field’.
Fixed a bug with displaying resources when crafting a ship.
Fixed a client crash when using ‘Waz'Got Battle Station’ in raids.


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