Get Karud ship components in trophy search!30 October 2017

Throughout the week get Karud ship components in post-battle trophy search on rank 13 ships!

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Halloween Sale!26 October 2017

Only for Halloween celebrations we are announcing special holiday discounts and gifts, from October 26 to November 1!

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Special missions from Miranda Del Arte26 October 2017

Pilots! ‘New Day's Signal’ brotherhood reminds you: ‘Signal Peak’ is close! Miranda Del Arte offers mercenaries new special assignments

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Star Conflict 1.4.10: Halloween in Space26 October 2017

Every year in late October according to terrestrial calendar a wave of anomalous energy passes through the Universe. Following an old Earth tradition this time is called ‘Halloween’. Fanatics and cultists worshiping the Signal believe that on ‘Halloween’ souls of the dead penetrate into our world.

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Get your own title, pilot!25 October 2017

EMC gives you a unique opportunity to get your own military title! Do you remember the day of your first flight? Then go ahead!

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Deal of the Day! 50% off Stingray ship components25 October 2017

Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends at 05-00 UTC on October 26!

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Farewell message24 October 2017

I don't know why I decided to record this message after I wiped the onboard log of the ship with my unwavering hand. This is probably my last attempt to stay in my right mind. Or maybe a farewell message...

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Get Stingray ship components in trophy search!23 October 2017

Throughout the week get Stingray ship components in post-battle trophy search on rank 10 ships!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!20 October 2017

Bonuses for credits! 50% off Destroyer Containers!

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The Doomed Flotilla. Part 6 ‘The First Step’19 October 2017

The Jericho cruiser weapons tower was unlike anything else. Sergeant Nicholas Finigan had never seen anything like it. It was a half-dome, with several instrument panels and what could only be described as a glass coffin inside.

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