Deal of the Day!16 May 2018

Only today 50% off Nightingale ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

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Panorama of ‘Blackwood’ Shipyard15 May 2018

This is the sector where one of the most famous shipyards of the corporation ‘Blackwood’ is located. Known for the fact that Ariadne AI was developed here, which brought its creators to a new level on the global market.

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Fight and earns! Get Premium ships!14 May 2018

From Мay14 to June 3 it's time to collect the special game currency — Xenochips! 

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Weekend with Star Conflict!11 May 2018

Pilots, the celebrations continue! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories!

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Model of Federation Interceptor ‘Spike’10 May 2018

After the collapse of the Empire, the fragments of its military-industrial complex were scattered over different corners of space. Something was destroyed, according to the emergency protocols, other things fell into the hands of the new factions.

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Victory Day!8 May 2018

Star Conflict team congratulates pilots on the Victory Day in Europe! In honor of Victory Day, we announce a grand sale, which will last till 06-00 UTC of May 10th!

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Contest "Blockbuster"7 May 2018

Surely, many of you have at least once imagined yourself in film during various situations in combat. We offer you to activate your imagination and come up with a poster for a movie, based on the moments from our favourite game.

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Festive special! +40% GS with purchases! Synergy bonuses!4 May 2018

Pilots! Congratulations on the holidays! A big festive sale on premium ships is very close. It's time to prepare for the event.

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Test the new PVE-mission on the public test server3 May 2018

Pilots! UMC wishes everyone happy holidays and announces the start of testing for a new PVE-mission!

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Deal of the Day! 50% off Archelon ship components2 May 2018

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on May 3!

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