10 June 2015

Secret Ship Pursuit

The Centre ensures that this summer you will not be idle, and the most active will be richly rewarded! The secret ship pursuit has begun!

You will get three daily tasks:

  • Win 2 PvP battles
  • Successfully complete a mission in PvE
  • Complete a daily quest in ‘Attacked Sectors’

Centre will offer 30 tasks in three types of battles. Each stage is available the day after you complete the previous one.
Progress on tasks of each type is shown in the relevant achievements:

PvE battles. Initiation — Watch — Patrol — Sweep
PvP battles. Initiation — Advance — Assault — Elimination
Outer Space. Initiation — Recon — Expansion — Exploration
Secret Ship Chaser — awarded for completing all the event achievements

And now for the awards. Centre has prepared a gift for your dedicated service. In addition to the main prizes (loyalty, Iridium and monocrystals), mercenaries will get Galactic Standards for certain stages!


1. Victories in PvP:

  • 7 tasks: 50 Galactic Standards
  • 14 tasks: 100 Galactic Standards
  • 21 tasks: 150 Galactic Standards
  • 24 tasks: 200 Galactic Standards
  • 27 tasks: 300 Galactic Standards
  • 30 tasks: 400 Galactic Standards


2. PvE missions:

  • 4 tasks: 50 Galactic Standards
  • 9 tasks: 100 Galactic Standards
  • 14 tasks: 150 Galactic Standards
  • 19 tasks: 200 Galactic Standards
  • 26 tasks: 300 Galactic Standards
  • 30 tasks: 400 Galactic Standards


3. Attacked sectors:

  • 5 tasks: 50 Galactic Standards
  • 10 tasks: 100 Galactic Standards
  • 11 tasks: 150 Galactic Standards
  • 20 tasks: 200 Galactic Standards
  • 25 tasks: 300 Galactic Standards
  • 30 tasks: 400 Galactic Standards


Do not worry if you do not have time to perform a contract in a day, your progress is saved and you can continue with the task later.


And the most important thing!

Those who complete all the tasks before September 1 will receive a free new premium ship design that's a closely guarded secret kept in the laboratories of the Centre!

We wish you all success, exciting moments and many victories!


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Star Conflict Team


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