Pilots, we’re getting close to February 16, the Chinese New Year holiday, which is also often referred to as Lunar New Year, or literally ‘Spring Festival’.

15 February 2018

The unique ship ‘Object NY18’ is now available for construction only as a premium ship as part of the ‘Star Conflict: Journey - Object NY18’ pack. The pack is available in the official game store of Gaijin Online and on Steam.

14 February 2018

Pilots! UMC reports that the festive transport convoy has arrived in fringe sectors from inner worlds. We are expecting more trade caravans in the fringe sectors soon!

14 February 2018

Pilots, Star Conflict team wishes you a happy holiday — Valentine's Day! May happiness, love and luck always help you in battle!

14 February 2018

We'd like to show you an interactive love story between a Jericho girl and an Imperial mercenary. Prepare your handkerchiefs to wipe the tears of emotion. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

13 February 2018

The UMC announces the start of production of the new caches! Get them in trophy search after battles from anywhere.

12 February 2018

Orbital station ‘Guardian-17’ is one of many imperial stations that managed to survive in the war with aliens. In many ways, thanks to the remoteness from the capital in the Solar System.

8 February 2018

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on February 8!

7 February 2018

The UMC stops the production of Object NY18 frigates at the shipyards. Ellydium Corporation withdraws the license for manufacturing this ship. Hurry up and build the unique guard frigate in time until Monday, February 12!

6 February 2018

Pilots! The UMC shares with you the secrets of survival in the endless battles of Star Conflict Universe. All advices were composed by experienced mercenaries, veterans of many battles.

6 February 2018