Tai'Kin Resources27 April 2017

Since April 27, all pilots can purchase special container bundles with a cabin and resources for the rapid upgrade of Tai'Kin ship with galactic standards.

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Deal of the Day: 50% off Karud ship components!26 April 2017

Pilots!  It's time to improve your fleet strength! Jericho liaison at UMC reports that another transport convoy has arrived in fringe sectors.

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Dead world. Part 225 April 2017

There is only darkness. The helmet flashlight hiccups and the light comes on and off. My reinforced armored suit survived the flight and the back barely hurts. But I won't be able to come back to the surface here.

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Get Karud ship components in trophy search after battle!24 April 2017

Attention, pilots! It's time to improve your fleet strength! All week you can get Karud ship components in trophy search after battles on rank 15 ships!

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Final days. DLC ‘Star Conflict: Evolution Factor — Tai'Kin’!24 April 2017

Just for the holiday ‘Cosmonautics Day’ and the launch of the new ‘ELlydium’ ship we have prepared a unique offer for all Star Conflict pilots! Available only until April 26

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Weekly Caches!24 April 2017

The UMC announces the start of production of the new caches! Get them in trophy search after battles from anywhere.

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Weekend with Star Conflict!21 April 2017

A unique opportunity to get Tai'Kin special module ‘Jump Crystals’ components! Bonuses to synergy and a discount on destroyer parts!

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Dead world. Part 120 April 2017

By ten o'clock, the order of movement is established definitively.The group is moving in the middle of the street: two scouts...

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New Tai'Kin wallpapers and artworks!19 April 2017

We prepared special wallpapers for the fans of Ellydium technologies and their newest development, the ship Tai'Kin.

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50% off Archelon ship equipment19 April 2017

Attention, pilots! Only for one day, we offer a 50% discount on Archelon ship equipment! Items can be purchased directly from the ship tree or from the ‘Bundles’ section in store.

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