New Tai'Kin wallpapers and artworks!19 April 2017

We prepared special wallpapers for the fans of Ellydium technologies and their newest development, the ship Tai'Kin.

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50% off Archelon ship equipment19 April 2017

Attention, pilots! Only for one day, we offer a 50% discount on Archelon ship equipment! Items can be purchased directly from the ship tree or from the ‘Bundles’ section in store.

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Result of contest 'Space Memes'18 April 2017

It's time to find out, who is the best in wittiness and satire! Results are ready!

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Game lessons with "Igromania"!18 April 2017

In today’s episode we’ll cover everything you need to know about the recent 1.4.2 patch, introducing a range of traditional additions and a revolution of sort, the players can trade in-game now!

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Get Archelon ship components in trophy search after battle!17 April 2017

All week you can get Archelon ship components in trophy search after battles on rank 7 ships!

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Complete missions and get the ship Tai'Kin!17 April 2017

Only 10 days left! The event is only available until April 26 inclusive! The bundles will only be available for iridium after April 26!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!14 April 2017

A unique opportunity to get Tai'Kin special module ‘Return Crystal’ components!Bonuses to synergy and credits!

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Star Conflict 1.4.3 Update #114 April 2017

On our servers set an important update. Limits changing on resources in the storage, some parameters of the modules and weapons are reworked, and fixed several errors in the game client.

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Resource limit increase13 April 2017

After analyzing the responses of pilots who have long and consistently engaged in accumulation of a large amount of resources, UMC decided to increase resource limit.

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Contest 'Stardust'12 April 2017

UMC congratulates all pilots on "Cosmonautics Day"! In honor of this significant event, we announce a new creative video contest.

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